The head of state appeared at the Troita in University Square at 8:00 and was accompanied by presidential advisers Ion Oprişor, Daniela Bârsan and Delia Dinu. Cătălina Galer, State Councilor, was also present.

Klaus Iohannis thus commemorated the victims of the communist repression, 32 years after the Revolution of December 1989. Even before laying the wreath, but also after, the leader from Cotroceni did not talk to the representatives of the press.

In the same context, we remind that on Tuesday and Wednesday more memorial services will be organized for those who lost their lives in December 1989. According to a communiqué sent by the Press Office of the Romanian Patriarchate, priests will be present at cemeteries, monuments and crosses. dedicated to the heroes of December 1989.

photo: – Cluj, December 1989

At the same time, a memorial service will be held at the Patriarchal Cathedral, as well as in all the churches and monasteries of the Romanian Orthodox Church (BOR), where the Holy Mass will be celebrated on Wednesday.

Remembrance services in memory of the heroes of the Revolution

Therefore, services to commemorate the heroes will be organized in Bucharest, on Tuesday, from 10:00, at the “Heroes of the Revolution” Cemetery, and from 12:00, at the University Square. We remind you that in December 1989, the communist regime in Romania fell as a result of the revolution that began in Timisoara and continued in Bucharest.

In 1989, communist regimes in other Central and Eastern European countries were removed. In Romania, the transition from totalitarianism to democracy was made through violence.

Finally, the leaders of the old regime – Nicolae Ceaușescu and Elena Ceaușescu – were executed after a quick trial held in a military unit in Târgoviște.

Between December 16 and 20, 1989, the events called “The Timisoara Revolution” took place. December 21 is considered the first day of the Revolution in Bucharest, when demonstrators gathered near the Intercontinental Hotel in University Square. At that time, they set up a barricade in front of the intervention device.

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