More than 47 tons of waste consisting of aluminum, used tires, agricultural machinery and metal waste, for which the drivers could not present documents necessary for import, were stopped at the entrance by Bihor border police.

On Saturday, border guards at the Borș I crossing point checked a TIR truck driven by a Romanian, which was transporting aluminum waste from a German company for a Romanian company, on its way into the country.

Following the verifications, it was found that the truck was loaded with 23,390 kilograms of aluminum waste, for which the driver did not present the necessary documentation.

A few hours later, at the same border crossing point, a Romanian citizen showed up for the formalities on the way into the country at the wheel of a TIR truck carrying 9,190 kilograms of waste consisting of used tires and agricultural machinery from a company from Italy for a Romanian company. This driver also did not present the necessary documentation required by law for the import of these products.

Police also found a Romanian driver transporting 15,000 kilograms of scrap metal from a Dutch company to a Romanian company, without having the necessary documentation.

In all cases, the border police asked for the support of the representatives of the Bihor County Commissariat within the National Environmental Guard, who ordered that the transported goods not be allowed to enter the country.

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