The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Adrian Chesnoiu, stated in an interview for Agerpres that he will not give up the optimization of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) as long as there is a chance, given that agriculture has ” zero lei ”, and emphasizes that he will not give it up until an official answer comes from Brussels that it is not possible.

Asked in an interview with Agerpres if he thinks there is a chance to change or update the PNRR, the Minister of Agriculture, Adrian Chesnoiu, replied: that chance. “

“Believe me, I read the National Recovery and Resilience Plan from cover to cover. Both the PNRR and the recovery mechanism. I think there’s a chance.

I approached this discussion at European level with the Commissioner for Agriculture Wojciechowski (Janusz Wojciechowski, European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development – ed.) Who, in fact, in March 2021 sent a letter to the Romanian minister in charge, Minister of Agriculture, in which he encourages and encourages Member States to include investments and reforms in agriculture financed by the recovery and resilience mechanism.

I think there is a chance and I will not give it up until I have an official answer from Brussels that it is not possible.

I am thinking of projects that can be funded through PNRR optimization. Now we can no longer discuss the elaboration of the PNRR. We are talking about optimization. That is, already sums allocated and destined for other ministries that can be redirected to Agriculture “, the Government official also said.

“Romania has a fantastic potential, especially in this European vision of reducing carbon emissions and renewable energy production, it has a fantastic area in which to invest, namely in Romanian farms.

If we implement these European concepts and turn them from risks or vulnerabilities into opportunities then we will certainly be more competitive and resilient to use this European term that has flooded us in the last two years, especially considering the fact that in the National Plan for Recovery and Resilience, Romanian agriculture has zero lei. That’s all that mattered for those who negotiated Romania’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

I was really looking at that list of ministries involved in the management of PNRR and not finding the Ministry of Agriculture among the ministries that have set milestones and set targets to achieve in the next period is painful, “said Chesnoiu.

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Romania benefits from funds worth 29.2 billion euros through PNRR. Of this amount, 14.24 billion euros are non-reimbursable loans, and 14.94 billion euros are loans granted on favorable terms, at the level of the European Commission’s costs.

The first tranche of pre-financing for the implementation of PNRR, worth 1.85 billion euros, was paid to Romania earlier this month. For next year, a funding of about 6.117 billion euros is planned, the access to which depends on the fulfillment of the conditionalities in the program.

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The draft strategy for irrigation in Romania did not receive the approval of the European Commission for financing through PNRR. Former Minister of Agriculture Adrian Oros said that the reason for rejecting the plan was that it was not green enough, although, in his opinion, the solution was very good.

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