“We have advanced, we have the romania.travel website, which is constantly being worked on. By the end of the year we will also have the portal. Based on the site created by the New York tourist office, Romania’s online platform will be created.” Răzvan Filipescu, the president of the National Authority for Tourism (ANT), declared in a conference on Wednesday.

Florin Jianu, the Minister Delegate for SMEs and Tourism, who likes to say permanently, like his predecessor, Maria Grapini, that he comes from the private sector, said that he wants the ministry to impose the same rules and that he will save money. making the portal.

“I come from the private sector and I have come here to impose the same kind of rules as in the private sector. You will see in a short time, not those astronomical sums, let’s be serious, we live in a country with certain realities and we must never forget this, and you will see some things happening in the next period, considering the type of reality, “Jianu added.

Filipescu added that the portal, even if it is constantly being worked on, is already accessible, but a new stage is coming, in which it will be improved.

“It will contain information about Romania, about tourist circuits, the films that are part of the new campaign to promote Romania and others,” the ANT chief added.

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