DIICOT prosecutors conducted 34 searches in Cluj, Alba and Brașov, on several drug traffickers.

On 25.05.2021, the prosecutors of the Directorate for the Investigation of Organized Crime and Terrorism – Alba Territorial Service together with judicial police officers from BCCO Alba Iulia carried out a number of 34 home searches in the counties of Alba, Cluj and Brasov, at the homes of persons suspected of committing crimes of trafficking in high-risk and high-risk drugs and carrying out operations with substances likely to have psychoactive effects.

It was noted that the defendants purchased, detained, transported and traded high-risk drugs (cannabis), high-risk drugs (MDMA tablets), as well as substances with psychoactive effects, to consumers in Alba and Cluj counties.

Following the searches, several envelopes with powdery substance, precision electronic scales, cannabis buds, as well as 100,000 lei were seized.

On 25.05.2021, the prosecutors of DIICOT – Alba Territorial Service ordered the detention for a period of 24 hours of a number of 5 defendants, and during today they will be presented to the Alba Court with a proposal for preventive arrest, for a period of 30 days.

The action benefited from the support of the judicial police officers from BCCO Cluj, BCCO Mureș, BCCO Brașov, the police officers from IPJ Alba and the gendarmes from IJJ Alba, IJJ Cluj and BMJ Mureș.

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