EU leaders urge Russia “reduce tensions” caused by “accumulation of military personnel at the Ukrainian border” and diminish “aggressive tone “, according to European officials quoted by The Guardian.

“The European Council reaffirms its support for the sovereignty of Ukraine and for the territorial integrity of the country. Any new military aggression against Ukraine will have massive consequences and severe costs.” according to a draft of the Brussels summit communiqué.

The Kiev administration fears that Russia could stage a coup or military intervention in the eastern Ukrainian separatist regions. According to Kiev, Russia has mobilized nearly 100,000 troops on the Ukrainian border. Sources in the American intelligence services quoted by The Washington Post claim that Russia is preparing an offensive that could involve 175,000 soldiers. Russia says it is not preparing a plot or an attack in Ukraine, arguing that it can mobilize troops wherever it wants on its own territory.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has demanded assurances that NATO will not continue expanding eastward and install military equipment near Russia’s borders. “Russia is seriously interested in gaining credible legal guarantees that would exclude NATO’s eastward expansion and the installation of offensive military equipment in Russia’s neighboring countries. “, the Kremlin announced. According to a Russian presidential adviser, Chinese President Xi Jinping has announced that he shares Vladimir Putin’s concerns and supports the Russian president’s call for security guarantees from the North Atlantic Alliance.

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