If you plan to walk through Romania, in winter, we can tell you that it is a very good idea. Leaving behind the already famous mountain resorts, you will find at least 10 spectacular places, especially when it snows. So, if you have no other plans this winter, we make some recommendations, other than those already known.

Amazing places to visit in Romania in winter

From December to March, snowfalls turn mountain landscapes into wonderful winter lands. While in the cities there are Christmas fairs, people go skiing or snowboarding. But many centuries-old winter events and traditions survive in Romanian villages.

10 places to visit in winter in Romania

Romania in winter looks spectacular, and if you haven’t seen these spectacular places, we hope to inspire you to visit them. Below you will find an overview of the best places in Romania to visit in winter, along with suggestions for things to do in each destination during the winter.

The best routes in Madaras

Are you looking for the best hiking trails or a winter ski slope? You will definitely find them in Madaras. Once here, in Harghita, you can explore one of the 2 easy hiking trails in Madaras or you can discover other suitable routes for the family trip. You will find routes with historical objectives or you can venture through the natural areas around Mădăraș, which are perfect for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts at any level of skill.

Spectacular images at Lake St. Anne

Lake Sfânta Ana, located near Băile Tușnad, is one of the most magnificent natural treasures of the Szeklerland. It is the only volcanic lake in Central and Eastern Europe, formed at the bottom of the southern crater of the Ciomatu Massif. Near the lake, in the northern crater, is the Mohos peat bog, where rare relic plants from the ice age are found. Both tourist attractions are part of the Mohoș Nature Reserve. The crater area is protected, being included in the Natura 2000 network. Here, in winter, you will have a landscape as if taken from the stories of Christian Andersen.

The chapels of Saint Anne on Ciobot Hill

If you are not afraid to explore, near Gheorgheni, also in Harghita County, you will discover a real feast in winter. From the top of Ciobot Hill, where the Chapels of Saint Anne are located, you will see the whole town, and the immaculate white landscape is spectacular.

The place where Prince Charles “hides” from the world, the Zălan Valley

The Zălan Valley, the private natural refuge of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales is located in the meadows and hills of this place in Transylvania. The property has retained its Transylvanian authenticity in that it has been carefully restored with traditional methods and materials. It is now open to host and receive individual travelers from around the world.

Siriu Lake, in winter, a wonderful spectacle

Siriu Lake is an artificial dam lake in Romania, on the Buzău river valley. Construction of the dam began in 1982, and the 42 MW Nehoiașu hydroelectric power plant was inaugurated in 1994. The Siriu Dam is a 122 meter high dam with a clay core, the second largest dam in Romania. In addition to the technical data, which are not to be neglected at all, once you arrive here in winter you will discover a place full of spectacular, a place where you will leave with beautiful pictures.

Pruncea Waterfall, Podu Calului Mountains

In the Podu Calului Mountains, from the Cașoca River, you will discover the Pruncea Waterfall, also known as the Cașoca Waterfall, a special gift of nature, which stands out for the beauty of the water that hits the rocks and the wildness of the place. A very old legend was born here. The waterfall hides in its walls great mysteries, some old since the world. It is said that it was used as a hideout by Tudor Vladimirescu’s outlaws, in the years 1821-1827.

Winter on Lake Bolboci

Bolboci Lake or “Black Sea from Bucegi” is an accumulation lake located in the Bugeci Massif, in the Bucegi Natural Park, at an altitude of 1,400 m. Bolboci.

This dam is 500 m long, 55 m high and collects the waters of the Bolboci and Ialomița rivers. The development of agritourism hotels and cottages makes the Bolboci Lake area a place of leisure, as they say, a “green” tourism.

During your time in the Bolboci Lake area you can go horse riding, hiking, cycling, fishing, or you can enjoy nature in its true splendor, especially in winter.

Buzău Customs Bison Reserve

Although it is not the largest, the Bison Reserve from Buzău Customs, Brașov County, is waiting for you to visit. In winter here you have a wonderful landscape, in fact in the whole area in winter you have something to see. So you can tick in this travel list and this mythical place.

Franz Joseph Rocks and Royal Glade

As the name suggests, the area was frequented by the crowned heads of the Royal Treasury of Romania, which had to climb up to an altitude of 1270 meters. Here, in winter, the rocks and everything around them are covered in snow, giving a real spectacle.

Great Cellars Hill

Pivniţele Mari Hill, located in Covasna, features an outdoor art installation and offers panoramic views of the surroundings. Here in winter everything becomes motionless, and the view is a dream.


Whether you want to visit Romania in winter, or at other times, you are guaranteed to find areas and spaces where the landscapes of nature will take your breath away. That the winter holidays are still coming, make yourself a gift and choose one of the places presented above, you don’t want to regret it.

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