Romanians will be able to buy their holidays through TUI TravelCenter starting in January 2020

Tui Group, the world leader in tourism, will be represented in Romania by Memento Group, the largest group on the domestic tourism market. From next year, dozens of agencies will be opened throughout the country, in which Romanian tourists will have access to the products from the portfolio of the German tour operator.

The Tui franchise will operate in our country under the Tui TravelCenter brand and will have its own offices, which will operate in parallel with the Christian Tour agencies.

The network will offer accommodation, transport (land and air), activities at the destination, tourist packages, tours, cruises, exotic vacations and city breaks.

Your TravelCenter will operate your own charter flights

Tui TravelCenter will operate its own charter flights to popular holiday destinations among Romanian tourists, such as Greece, Turkey and Spain, which will be packed with accommodation in hotels around the world, including those under its own brand: Tui Blue (suitable for adults and families alike), Tui Magic Life, Riu, Tui Suneo, Robinson, Tui Sensatori.

At the same time, Tui TravelCenter will function as a marketplace for the local market, which means that it will resell the tourist products of all Romanian tour operators.

Tui TravelCenter will offer Romanian tourists its own tourist products, focusing on premium packages, exotic destinations and niche products.

“Romania is very important for the Tui group”

It will also have a personalized and exclusive charter flight product, operated by Charter Broker SRL (a company of the Memento group, which also includes Christian Tour, specialized in charter flight arrangements), combined with dynamic products of Tui’s offer. Tui hotels and the experiences of the German tour operator.

“We are very happy and proud to have been able to partner with Memento Group, which is a big step. As a growing market, Romania is very important for the Tui group, which offers a rich portfolio to Romanian travelers, from low-budget packages to luxury travelers. With our new partner, we are convinced that we will continue to grow in Romania “, said Michael Lettner, Tui’s sales director in a press conference in Bucharest.

The destinations that Tui TravelCenter will have for Romanians

The destinations that Tui TravelCenter will focus on the Romanian market are also some of the most popular: Austria, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Egypt – in the category of “medium haul” destinations, and Maldives, Thailand, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Tanzania, as long haul destinations.

TUI TravelCenter will sell its products offline, in offices that will be open throughout the country, online, on the website, but also through reseller agencies.

“The initial investment is over 1.5 million euros in the first year of operation and over 5 million euros in the next five years. In the first year of operation, 15 TUI TravelCenter agencies will be opened, covering 13 of the largest cities in the country, such as Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Iasi, Timisoara, Arad, Brasov, etc. All offices will operate under the Tui TravelCenter brand and will benefit from a central positioning in cities. Also, Romanian employees will participate in trainings in Austria with professionals from Tui Austria “, said Cristian Pandel, CEO of Memento Group.

He stressed that for Romanian tourists the big gain resulting from Tui’s presence on the domestic market is access to a wide variety of high quality services and a premium selection of packages, hotels and holiday activities.

About Tui Group

Tui Group, the largest tourism group in the world, operates in approximately 180 destinations around the world. The group brings together more than 380 premium hotels, including Riu, Tui Magic Life, Robinson and Tui Blue, 1,600 travel agencies across the European continent, five European leisure airlines, with around 150 modern aircraft for long and medium haul, 17 cruise ships, from the luxury ships MS Europa and MS Europa 2 to the “Mein Schiff” fleet of Tui Cruises and the Marella Cruises vessels from Great Britain.

Tuide sales and marketing companies and airlines are grouped into three regions and operate under a single brand. Romania is under the responsibility of Tui Austria.

In the financial year 2018, TUI Group recorded a turnover of 18.5 billion euros and a number of over 27 million tourists.

Hoteliers no longer make seasonal discounts

Given the growing appetite of Romanians for early enrollment, generated by the related discounts, this year most hoteliers have decided to cap the number of rooms they sell with this offer.

In previous years, many of them would have been willing to sell all the rooms at a discount, but the high demand for the seaside in the last two years has led them to change their strategy.

Thus, it is bought with a discount, since the previous year, between 20 and 30% of the total number of rooms put up for sale through travel agencies.

At the end of the season there are bigger discounts, and at the top of the season they are, of course, lower or not at all, according to the latest trends.

“Even if tourists want to buy a year in advance, there are more and more hotels that sell very well and have decided to completely eliminate the discounts for the peak season, between July 20 and August 20. If last year they were a few hoteliers who were doing this, now their number has increased exponentially “, explained the representatives of the agency.

The rooms in the four-star hotels are sold the fastest, because a 15-20% discount from a large amount obviously means a significant amount.

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