Regional airline Binter said it had decided to suspend air traffic due to high levels of volcanic ash in the air as winds pushed clouds east to the airport.

A violent explosion occurred on Monday, with large amounts of gas and lava emitted by the volcano, while volcanic activity dropped significantly on Tuesday, according to the public channel RTVE.

Volcanologist Ruben Lopez said the latest change in volcano activity does not mean an end to the eruption. There were brief periods of calm during the eruption that lasted three months, the most recent being recorded on Sunday. Lopez said the lava flow was even more violent later, according to RTVE.

The eruption of the volcano destroyed nearly 2,900 buildings, forcing about 7,000 people to flee their homes.

A one-meter-thick layer of lava, with a temperature of about 1,000 degrees Celsius, covered about 1,200 hectares of land on the island.


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