Latin America, more precisely South and Central America, has become the most sought after area after the European one, by Romanian tourists with incomes from above upwards, lovers of premium tourism, informs the travel agency DAL Travel. The top countries in South and Central America are currently led by Mexico. The next destinations requested are Ecuador – Galapagos, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Chile – Easter Island, Bolivia, Panama, Costa Rica and Colombia.

“We have been designing packages for Latin America since 2006 for 15 years. Demand has grown steadily. especially in the Far East – there are still restrictions, and for the African continent we have an increase in demand, but for Latin America we notice a greater diversity of options, most countries on this continent being preferred by Romanian tourists. biodiversity, culture, atmosphere, rich and varied gastronomy, exotic landscapes, corals and activities related to the beach and water (swimming, snorkeling, diving). emphasizes Daniela Nedelcu, general manager of DAL Travel.

Tourists generally prefer to visit more countries when crossing the ocean, but there are also tourists who want to visit certain countries in more detail, and Latin America is very popular. During the pandemic, the circuits in Colombia and Costa Rica enjoyed great success.

According to DAL Travel, 60% of tourists choose circuits that combine several Latin American countries and the remaining 40%, circuits that target a single country. For the second category, the most requested countries were Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica, Colombia and, until two years ago, Brazil (due to pandemic restrictions).

“We have organized tours in Mexico and Peru as in previous years. In the past we have organized a tour in Brazil, which is so big that we have successfully made a Total Brazil. Tour packages that include several countries in America Latin America is enjoying great success, for example, we had several groups in September in Panama – Colombia – Ecuador – Galapagos and in Mexico – Guatemala – Honduras, the first group has already left for Central America: Panama – Costa Rica – Nicaragua – El Salvador – Honduras and in a few days the next group will leave on the same route, currently the most requested tour at the end of November is Peru – Colca – Nazca, where most of the tourist attractions will be visited. “The famous Machu Picchu, the mysterious Nazca Lines, the Ballesta Islands, the Colca Canyon, Lake Titicaca, Cusco, Puno, the Sacred Valley of the Incas and much more,” offers Daniela Nedelcu. .

When and how can Latin American countries be visited?

For South America, the seasons correspond to the southern hemisphere, which basically means that the summer runs from December to March, the fall from April to June, the winter from July to September, and then the spring from September to December again. But as the weather has changed around the world, some countries can be visited at other times. Some destinations are closer to the equator and, for this reason, are sought after throughout the year, such as Ecuador and Peru. Tourists should know that the best time to visit Latin America depends on the destination they want. It has an enormous expanse and varies from the driest desert in the world to the Andean peaks or the Amazon forests. Weather variations are often regional rather than seasonal.

DAL Travel consultants made some tops and rankings regarding the preferences of Romanian tourists for Latin America:

Top tourist attractions in Latin America (by country)

Insulele Galapagos – Ecuador: Cotopaxi; Amazonia; Basin; Guayaquil

Peru: Machu Picchu; Colca Canyon; Nazca Lines; Cusco; Lake Titicaca

Argentina and Brazil – Buenos Aires; Iguazu Falls; Rio de Janeiro

Argentina Buenos Aires; El Calafate; Gheţarul Perito Moreno; Ushuaia; Land of Fire

Argentine and Chilean Patagonia: Chiloe Island; Puerto Varas; Vicente Perez Rosales National Park; San Carlos de Bariloche; El Calafate; El Chalten; Viedma Glacier; Perito Moreno Glacier; Torres del Paine National Park; Puerto Natales; Punta Arenas; Santa Marta and Magdalena Islands; Ushuaia; Tierra Del Fuego National Park; Beagle Channel

Mexico: Chitizen Itza; Copper Canyon; Tulum; Cenote; Feast of the Day of the Dead

Costa Rica: Arenal National Park, Manuel Antonio, Monte Verde, Tortuguero; Poas volcano

Columbia: Medellin; Cocora Valley; Cartagena; Rosario Islands

Top circuits that combine several Latin American countries

1. Central America: Panama – Costa Rica – Nicaragua – El Salvador – Honduras

2. Panama – Columbia – Ecuador – Galapagos

3. Mexic – Guatemala – Honduras – Belize

4. Argentina – Uruguay – Brazil

5. Incursion into SOUTH AMERICA: Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil

6. Chile – Easter Island & Atacama Desert & Patagonia – Argentina Los Glaciares & Tierra del Fuego

The most sought after cities in Latin America

Mexico: Mexico City, Guadalajara, Oaxaca

Brazilia: Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Salvador de Bahia

Argentina: Buenos Aires, Ushuaia

Cuba: Havana, Cienfuegos, Trinidad

Costa Rica: San Jose

The most sought after beaches in Latin America

Mexico: Cancun and Acapulco

Brazilia: Copa Cabana, Ipanema, Campeche

Argentina: Miramar, Mar del Plata

Cuba: Varadero, Cayo Santa Maria

Costa Rica: Manuel Antonio, Puerto Viejo, Plaja Cocles, Tamarindo

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