Lidl Romania has a new CEO since November, in the person of Marco Giudici. The Italian took over from Frank Wagner. Although in a pandemic, the company led today by Giudici, has an enviable portfolio and a profit to match.

Marco Giudici is the new CEO of Lidl Romania

Marco Giudici’s leadership of Lidl in Romania was announced in September. Before arriving in Romania, the Italian has been present in the company since 2013. He held several positions, especially in Italy, here in turn holding positions such as Sales Manager Italy and Central and Eastern Europe, director within International Procurement Division – Lidl International.

He also held the position of Food Procurement Manager for Lidl Italia srl. He later left the company, taking over as Chief Commercial Officer at A&D Pharma. He was the Purchasing Manager for REWE Romania, a company that owns the Penny chain of stores, and here he also held the position of Purchasing Manager, but for Rewe Group Italy.

Between 2015 and 2018, he was National Director of Procurement and Marketing and a member of the Board of Directors of Lidl Romania. Mario Giudici was in charge of the marketing division, the promotional strategies and the management of the categories at group level. From November 2021 he took over the position of CEO for the Romanian division.

The Romanian division ranks first in 2020

The year 2020, a difficult year full of restrictions and pandemics, was a plus for Lidl Romania. Financial data show that Lidl Romania had a turnover of 12.659 billion euros in 2020.

These data propelled the German chain of Lidl stores to the first place in Romania. He surpassed his younger brother Kaufland, who had a turnover of 2.653 billion euros, becoming the largest retailer in Romania.

However, Kaufland was the more profitable of the two, with a net profit of 201 million euros. For Kaufland, these figures have been growing by 14% year-on-year. Lidl recorded a net profit of 156 million euros, 54% higher than in 2019.

And in 2020, but also in 2021, Lidl Romania continued its expansion plan at national level. The company has opened several stores simultaneously in several cities in the country. The updated data show that Marco Giudici took over Lidl Romania, with over 8,000 employees in Romania. The same data show that Lidl Romania has opened almost 300 stores, in almost all the country, but also 5 logistics centers.

Worldwide, the Schwarz-owned company has approximately 310,000 employees.

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