Bulgaria reconfirms removal of restrictions on Romanian tourists, regardless of epidemiological situation press release.

Furthermore, Romanian tourists going to Bulgaria will be required to provide only their identity card or passport until the end of the season, regardless of the epidemiological situation. According to the Order issued by the Government of Bulgaria on 13 August, “countries with which the Republic of Bulgaria has reached a mutual agreement for the free movement of citizens and persons with long-term permanent residence and their family members on arrival country Romania”. As the text of the law emphasizes, Romania is the only country for which an exception is made, and the Bulgarian state keeps its word and maintains the exception, as it announced on July 16 “, the communiqué states.

Travel Planner consultants point out that, although reciprocal traffic is not clear from Romania, the fact that Bulgaria continues to be on the green list for Romania eliminates any problem for tourists, who must not present anything other than the return. identity.

Sebastian Constantinescu, general manager of Travel Planner, said: that in the coming weeks Bulgaria may be on the yellow list, we have decided to inform tourists about the conditions and measures that should be imposed. If you get on the yellow list, it means that unvaccinated tourists should only have PCR tests when they return to the country to avoid quarantine. It costs on average about 35 euros per person (adult or children over 6 years of age). or return vaccination. However, given that other popular destinations are on the red list, and the Romanian coast is overburdened and with higher rates than in Bulgaria, we expect at least to maintain high interest in this destination.

Many hotels are ready to offer on-site testing at the hotel. There are hotel chains such as HVD or DIT that have already mobilized and decided to take over some of the costs of PCR tests, reaching 15 euros / person, but there are signals that others should follow their example or even take the cost in full, it is mentioned in the communiqué.

According to Decision no. 51 / 26.07.2021, unvaccinated persons returning from the countries on the yellow list must present a PCR test, except for children under 6 years of age and persons who have been confirmed positive for SARS-CoV-2 virus infection in the last 180 days prior to entering the country, for which at least 14 days have elapsed from the date of confirmation to the date of entry into the country.

According to Travel Planner, about 250,000 Romanians are expected in Bulgaria by the end of August and September. According to the Bulgarian Institute of Statistics, the neighboring country received 170,899 Romanians in June alone. Romanians accounted for about 40% of tourists arriving from the EU on the coast. With the operation of the charters, especially in Germany and Poland, the percentage has decreased, but Romanians still remain in first place as a country sending tourists.

The weather forecast for September is also very good, with above average temperatures, and the prices are much lower than at the peak of the season, accompanied by special offers, say the officials of the travel agency.

Sunny Beach remains one of the most sought after resorts, but lately there is a higher interest for Albena, as an extended weekend destination, due to its proximity to Romania. There is still a tendency for tourists to look for hotels in more airy resorts, such as Obzor, or resorts closer to the Romanian border. Hotels that offer recommended services have discounts of up to 25% – 30% in September.

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