Former Minister of Justice Stelian Ion (USR) says that the current head of the justice portfolio, Cătălin Predoiu (PNL), is misleading European officials.

“I urge Minister Cătălin Predoiu not to try to mislead European officials! Romania’s international cooperation must be based on fairness and loyalty, not on deceptive tactics. Minister Predoiu’s statement to the Vice-President of the European Commission and the European Commissioner for Justice that “Romania’s current governing program is very ambitious in the field of Justice and explicitly includes the objectives of the MCV, including the adoption of amendments to the Criminal Code Justice and the abolition of the SIIJ “is full of untruths”, wrote Stelian Ion on his Facebook page.

“The governing program is an amalgam of generalities and steamships, without the firm commitments that the European Commission, the Romanian society, but also the reforming part of the judicial system are waiting for. I have not seen any proposal for real improvement and balancing of the procedure for appointing high-ranking prosecutors, no reform of the SCM, I have only seen a scam that the current government is proposing for the so-called abolition of the SIIJ (with its re-establishment under another name) “, he added.

“Minister, you have taken an oath, try to keep it! If Iohannis, Mateescu, Grindeanu, Vicol, the PSD and Penelist clans will not let you make real reforms, at least be honest in front of you and your European partners and don’t make fun of us! Try to emancipate yourself from the obscure interests of justice! You have received in the past, in the MCV reports, a yellow card for violating the recommendations of the European Commission by violating the opinions of the Prosecutor’s Office of the SCM, do not persist in mistake! Strengthen your spine! It will be difficult, they will attack you and they will try to get rid of you immediately, but maybe you will resist and you will succeed what others have not succeeded “, the former Minister of Justice also wrote.

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