The best-selling holiday destinations at the end of the year are Romania, Egypt, UAE – Dubai, Maldives, Dominican Republic, Zanzibar, Lucian Boronea, CEO of Accent Travel & Events, told If a seven-night stay in Romania, at Băile Felix, at a 4-star hotel with full board, costs from 300 euros, a seven-night holiday in Dubai at a four-star hotel, with breakfast and a ticket plane included, reaches 619 euros per person. The company estimates that the turnover will reach the level of 2019 only in 2023 on all business lines.

“The best-selling destinations are: Romania, Egypt, UAE – Dubai, Maldives, Dominican Republic, Zanzibar, 57% of the agency’s clients opted for a holiday in Romania, and 43% preferred foreign destinations,” he told Lucian Boronea, CEO of Accent Travel & Events.

A holiday in Romania, at Băile Felix, starts from 300 euros per person, for a stay of 7 nights (4 star hotel with full board). A seven-night vacation in Egypt – Hurghada, five stars, starts from 469 euros per person, with plane ticket, with breakfast, transfers, tourist assistance.

For Dubai, the seven-night package costs from 619 euros per person (with plane ticket, 4-star hotel with breakfast, transfers, tourist assistance).

A seven-night holiday in the Maldives starts at 1,622 euros per person, seven nights (plane ticket, 4-star hotel with breakfast, transfers, tourist assistance).

“The trend is for tourists to be interested in better accommodation conditions, being willing to allocate a larger budget, but to offer them the guarantee of high quality tourist services. Tourists were more cautious and opted for flexible rates (refundable or subject to change), and those who booked Early Booking vacations took a precautionary measure by taking out a cancellation insurance to cover the risk of illness. with the Sars-Cov2 virus “, says Boronea.

The business travel segment represents 30% of Accent Travel & Events’ turnover in 2021.

Asked about the measures taken by Accent Travel & Events to counteract the damage caused by the pandemic, he listed: optimizing internal processes through technology already implemented in previous years; evaluating the agency’s projects and analyzing their implementation against the background of the Covid-19 pandemic; Predilection for tourism in Romania, diversification of accommodation units and their distribution through various b2c or b2b channels both on the local and global market; adopting the “work from home” way of working.

Regarding the plans and objectives for 2022, Boronea says that the travel agency will continue the local and global projects it is carrying out using various technology solutions.

“We will focus on expanding these projects in the Balkan area in the first stage, then we will analyze the opportunities for other markets. Automating business processes will be another priority for Accent Travel & Events so that we can devote more time to managing clients in a professional manner and to high quality standards. Our goal is to meet the travel needs of Accent Travel & Events customers, whether we are talking about business travel, leisure or the network of partners, to have a relationship based on trust and transparency, to be able to distribute content locally and globally. competitive air and hotel. We estimate that the turnover of Accent Travel & Events will reach the level of 2019 in 2023 on all business lines “, he added.

He also spoke about promoting domestic tourism.

”Romania has a mix of unique natural, medical, spa and cultural tourist objectives that can be valued at their true value only by: improving services (infrastructure, transport, accommodation, management of tourist destinations, through innovation and digitalization); supporting entrepreneurs through projects such as organizing training courses to reduce staff shortages in the hospitality industry; investment in the marketing and promotion area of ​​Romania for potential foreign tourists; resetting the hospitality industry to take into account global trends in the field, to take into account successful international models, “said Boronea.

DRCT, a Maltese technology company, has launched a strategic partnership with Accent Travel & Events in recent months to facilitate access to all content provided by IATA (International Air Transport Association) NDC (New Distribution Capability) technology to all airlines. tourism in Romania and the Republic of Moldova. Travel agencies thus have access to all flights and types of airline fares and can save even 200 euros / ticket sold. Passengers benefit from the most suitable product for their travels, customized according to the fare, services included.

The partnership with DRCT is one of the most important projects in Accent Travel & Events’ technology investment program for improving, diversifying and distributing the content of plane and hotel tickets, with a value of approximately 100,000 euros.

DRCT, the technology provider with the highest certification standard as an IATA NDC aggregator (level 4), a standard required by tourism companies that want to provide optimal travel services to their customers, has implemented in partnership with Accent Travel & Events a platform similar distribution Uber, which brings airlines together in a single ecosystem.

NDC is the latest technology in the aviation industry launched by IATA to develop a new standard for transmitting data on airline tickets sold and all information on fares, services included, validity, etc., from airlines to travel agencies, for customers business or leisure / tourism travelers.

DRCT users have access to all routes and fares offered by airlines without paying additional GDS fees, allowing them to save from 15 to 200 euros per ticket. DRCT does not impose a target on the number of tickets issued, and the agency remains the holder of reservations.

“During this period we tried to focus on trainings dedicated to the Accent Travel & Events operational team of assimilating the DRTC product, of being aware of the necessary changes, of adapting to a new way of working and last but not least, of integrating DRTC into internal applications of the agency, in order to automate the post-issuance processes (invoicing and reporting). The volume of transactions through this technology was also influenced by the current need for travel from the agency’s clients, which registered a slight decrease due to the restrictions imposed by the fourth wave, which led to a number of several hundred transactions during this period “. Lucian Boronea also said.

In parallel, the DRCT solution is promoted to all IATA and non-IATA agencies in Romania and the Republic of Moldova. Accent Travel & Events is the official distributor of the DRCT solution in the two markets. IATA travel agencies that choose to use this solution will sign collaboration agreements with DRCT. Together they will establish the implementation plan, with direct access to all the facilities offered by the DRCT platform. In addition, DRCT offers dedicated products to airlines, as a result of which it will be promoted to local low-cost airlines.

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