POLITICO has published the cancellation ranking of the most influential people in Europe. In addition to the most powerful person on the continent, the list is divided into three categories – doers, dreamers and disruptors – each representing a different type of power, according to abrir.md

The strongest man in Europe, according to the ranking, is the Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi.

The president of the Republic of Moldova, Maia Sandu, is also in the ranking. It has been included in the “Dreamers” category and has the word “tightrope walker” as its description.

NR – FUNAMBÚL, -Ă, funambuli, -e, adj., Sm and f. (Person) Acrobat who walks / walks on wire / rope.

“As president of Moldova, Maia Sandu’s challenge will be to balance the East and the West, as she navigates the poorest country in Europe from the turbulent waters in which she has been stranded since the end of the Cold War. The country’s most outspoken reformist leader since he split from the Soviet Union three decades ago, Sandu now has the political space to start promoting his domestic reform agenda. corruption, while raising living standards and triggering a sclerotic national economy.

Sandu won the post for the first time in 2020, but her Party for Action and Solidarity ensured a landslide in this year’s parliamentary elections, giving her team control over the critical levers of the executive branch. Things have started to move faster since then. New chief prosecutors have been appointed and investigations have been launched, while many of the country’s ex-oligarchic elite have fled.

Sandu – a 49-year-old former World Bank official who studied at Harvard, who seems to enjoy a warm relationship with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen – is endlessly pro-EU. However, she was careful to keep Moscow in position, not wanting NATO membership and promoting EU membership as a long-term aspiration rather than a political priority. Instead of triggering a geopolitical earthquake, she says her dream is to “build Europe at home.”

This rope act is particularly important for the energy security of the small country, Moldova simultaneously concludes a new gas supply agreement with Russia, while supplying alternatives through Ukraine, paid for by EU grants. What Sandu has struggled to address so far is a much more difficult issue to balance: the dispute over Transnistria, a separatist republic backed by Russian troops. Although he asked the troops to leave, there is still no prospect of resolving one of Europe’s frozen conflicts, “says” Politico “Maia Sandu.

Laura Codruța Kovesi has a mission to clean Europe. As the EU’s first chief prosecutor, she has a mandate to eliminate fraud involving EU funds and organized crime, a first for the bloc, just as it begins to transfer billions of cash in recovery funds to capital. This gives it great power, even if it still relies on national courts to conduct real trials.

As the rule of law rises to the top of the EU’s agenda, all eyes are on how he uses an office that he says is “one of the most important jobs in the EU”. Kövesi is already an important name in his native Romania (he won a place in a previous POLITICO 28 for his work accusing corrupt politicians as head of Romania’s National Anticorruption Directorate), according to politico.eu

And at her new job, she started quickly. In the first four months of its term, which began this summer, the European Public Prosecutor’s Office’s (EPPO) team handled more than 2,000 criminal charges and 350 investigations, reaching a whopping € 4.6 billion in budget spending. EU. “There is no clean country,” she told POLITICO. “We have criminals in Eastern Europe from the West to the West. We have organized crime all over Europe. My role is to make sure that the law is equal for everyone. “

She’s already facing the limits of her office. So far, only 22 of the 27 EU countries have come under its jurisdiction, and Slovenia has begun to refuse, refusing to appoint the prosecutors Kövesi would need to conduct investigations in the country. She also wants the EU to approve the hiring of another 120 employees for the EPPO headquarters in Luxembourg. However, Kövesi expects her first indictment to come before the end of the year, as she tries to show that the EU system can work. “We will fight strong people, we will investigate strong people,” Kövesi said.

The ranking can be seen HERE.

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