Both Ukraine and the United States (US) have warned of a possible Russian invasion. The head of the Ukrainian Defense Intelligence Agency said last month that Russia it stationed about 100,000 soldiers at its borders, but later statements said it was a much larger number of troops.

Europe faces ‘World War II unprecedented’ event

The United States has warned allies that Russia may decide to invade Ukraine in the next few months, and President Joe Biden has been in talks with leaders of France, Germany, Britain and Italy earlier this week about stopping such action. Also, the President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis, was engaged in a video conference with the American head of state, on Thursday, December 9th.

What is certain is that if Russia’s plan materializes, Europe will face the most important military operation since World War II. At least that’s the warning of the British military chief. “The significance of the worst-case scenario for a complete invasion of Ukraine would be unprecedented in Europe since World War II,” said Admiral Sir Tony Radakin.

Warning of the head of the Military Intelligence Service of Ukraine

Meanwhile, a high-ranking Ukrainian general has drawn attention to the fact that the country’s army is not strong enough to oppose a large-scale Russian invasion. Ukraine’s military leadership has said it will need more resources to defend the country from a Russian military operation, according to a new report from authorities.

“Unfortunately, Ukraine needs to be objective at this stage,” said General Kyrylo O. Budanov. “There are not enough military resources to repel a large-scale attack by Russia if it starts without support” from Western forces, the chief added. Military Intelligence Service of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian army is too weak to face Russia

Ukrainian forces could be overwhelmed by Russian airstrikes and missiles targeting vulnerable and strategic positions, which could incapacitate key elements of the Ukrainian army. Given that the Russian Army’s combined arms capabilities, which are clearly superior, give it the ability to aim and overcome the Ukrainian defense, it is difficult to predict how it could Ukraine to repel a large-scale attack.

“Ukrainian military forces will resist as long as there are bullets. They will be able to use what they have in hand, but believe me, without the supply of reserves, there is no army in the world that can resist (no Russia) “, General Kyrylo O. Budanov also said.

Up to 175,000 soldiers could act under Putin’s orders

As Russia deploys troops and military equipment to locations not far from the Ukrainian border, the United States and some of its allies and partners have expressed concern about the possibility of a Russian invasion more and more often. Biden administration officials revealed late last week that US intelligence indicates that Russia could invade up to 175,000 troops early next year.

An official said: “Russia’s plans call for a military offensive against Ukraine in early 2022, with a scale twice as strong as we saw last spring during Russia’s rapid military build-up. near the borders of Ukraine. “

Half of the military equipment has already been stationed

“The plans involve the extended deployment of 100 tactical groups of battalions with an estimated 175,000 people, along with armor, artillery and equipment,” the official said, adding that the United States estimates that “half of these units are already in the proximity of the Ukrainian border “, according to reports prepared by the Americans.

Although the US is worried, President Joe Biden said on Wednesday that the unilateral deployment of troops on the ground in Ukraine to discourage a Russian invasion “is not in the books at the moment”.

“If you want to bet on someone, you bet on the Russians”

Military experts have previously told Business Insider that Ukraine is unlikely to succeed. “The Russians have quantitative and qualitative superiority over the Ukrainian military,” said Jeffrey Edmonds, a former CIA military analyst and Russian expert at the NAC.

“I just don’t see the Ukrainians winning if we’re talking about a full-on action, you know, coming across the border, not slipping units across the border or using artillery or indigenous forces and things like that. We are talking about combined armies crossing the border into Ukraine with artillery support, full air support, long-range missiles, with all gloves removed, “said the military expert.

“It simply came to our notice then. I don’t think the Russians think it would be easy, but if you want to bet on someone, then you bet on the Russians, “said Jeffrey Edmonds.

The whole war could last only 30 minutes

Robert Lee, a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and a Russian military expert, said that “if Russia really wants to unleash its conventional capabilities, it could cause massive damage in a very short period of time.” military forces Putin’s “I can devastate the eastern Ukrainian army very quickly.” It could all end in “the first 30-40 minutes,” according to Robert Lee.

A senior Ukrainian general commanding the forces fighting the separatists said in a recent interview that if the West does not come to his aid, he will return to the Ukrainian people, many of whom have military experience, and “start a war. partisan war ”. Another senior Ukrainian official said he could open arms depots for people to defend themselves if all else fails.

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