CFR Cluj coach Dan Petrescu said in a press conference on Wednesday that his team’s poor run in the current season of the Europa Conference League in football was negatively influenced by the fact that he was not in charge from the beginning. technique of the Transylvanian group.

“I think the most important thing this year was that it wasn’t me from the beginning. In the last three years, Dan Petrescu made all the transfers, I took the players I wanted, the fourth time I wasn’t When I came in I had to do something very fast and I had to print a different style of play that some of the players weren’t used to. I did not start training with this team “, said Dan Petrescu.

He specified that all Romanian football has been in decline for a long time, comparing the domestic championship with a Dacia car that has to compete with a Mercedes.

“Next year we must win the championship, that will be the goal. And to build a competitive team for Europe. It will be more and more difficult for all teams, including CFR Cluj, because Romanian football is going down, I am not Unfortunately, the Romanian players no longer play in the big leagues. “It’s just another level, it’s like going with Mercedes and the other one with Dacia. What can you do when you drive Dacia and the other Mercedes? That’s how we are in football now,” he added. the Romanian technician.

Regarding the last match of Group D of the Europa Conference League, Dan Petrescu stated that he will use the best team formula to be able to defeat Jablonec, even if he lost the chances to qualify in the next phase of the competition.

“Every football match is important, no matter who you play it with. If we are talking about Europe, it is normally a special match. The expectations were high, and mine, and theirs, and the fans, we expected to see more. The championship is a pleasant surprise. The reality is this, we can find a thousand excuses, but no one accepts the apologies, we all know what happened here at the club, it was not a stability and this was seen in Europe. I think it’s a lesson to be learned from what has happened this year for the future, but the level in the Czech Republic, Denmark or the Netherlands is far above our level and This time the players d they also have in European competitions. I will put in the best team, we will try to win the match, to respect the competition and to respect our club and our fans. If Jablonec wins he has a chance to finish second, I think the draw will not be enough. He has to come here and risk winning. They will come with a high morale after a match won by 8 people in the championship “, Petrescu added.

Regarding the striker Denis Alibec, recently excluded from the group due to his behavior, Dan Petrescu stated that he took him back to training, but the tenure will depend only on the player: “I had a discussion with Alibec, he came to training , he trained very well. I love all the players and I give them a second chance. He received a yellow card, if he receives the red card, ready, but it depends on him, not on me. If he doesn’t train well he has no chance “.

CFR Cluj lost any chance to qualify for the next phase of the Europa Conference League, being after 5 matches on the last place in Group D, with only one point. The hierarchy is led by Alkmaar, with 11 points, followed by Randers (7 points) and Jablonec (6 points).

In the last stage of the group, CFR Cluj will meet the Czech team Jablonec, on Thursday, at 19:45, on its own field.

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