Aktor and the associations formed by Construcții Erbașu (leader), Bertoni Construct and Transferoviar Grup, MIS Grup (leader), Electrogrup and Energosteel Art, as well as Terra Gaz Construct (leader), PAB Romania, Drum Concept and Danube Total Grup submitted bids for construction of a multifunctional sports complex (multipurpose hall) in the city of Brașov.

In the summer of 2019, the mayor of Brașov announced that the largest multipurpose hall in Romania will be built in Brașov – DETAILS HERE

With a duration of three years, the project was estimated at 279.1 million lei, excluding VAT, and will be financed from the budget of the National Investment Company.

The new multipurpose hall will be built on the site of the former Brașov Municipal Stadium and will have a capacity of 10,059 seats.

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The project also provides a training room with steps, with a capacity of 1,158 seats.

The gym will be built on an “artificial relief”, and the foundation will be supported by concrete pillars, the solution chosen being determined by the fact that in the area there are fine earths and groundwater.

For the heating and ventilation of the room, as well as for the provision of part of the electricity, the specifications provide for photovoltaic installations and heat recovery systems, as well as other solutions in this category, which aim to reduce consumption and thus maintenance costs.

The project also includes the arrangement of the area around the hall, where access roads will be built, an outdoor stage, alleys and socializing areas.

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