The new governing coalition of PSD, PNL and UDMR must share their positions as sub-prefects, prefects and secretaries of state. In Alba County, the parties discuss with two options on the table.

Both PSD and PNL want the post of prefect.

Specifically, there are discussions for the PSD to receive the position of sub-prefect or even that of prefect. There are also discussions about management positions at the level of some public institutions.

The situation is more complicated inside PSD Alba, where there are two groups that want to impose their favorite. At PNL Alba, things are a bit simpler: the Liberals want to keep the current prefect, Nicoale Albu, in office.

Under these conditions, PSD would remain in the position of sub-prefect, which remained vacant after the USR left the government.

At the level of Alba county, the division of the functions of prefect and sub-prefect and possibly of some positions in the deconcentrated institutions represents the only local “collaboration” between the two parties.

Sources from both political parties said that the agreements between local councils and mayors remain the same (deputy mayors, majorities, etc.).

Although it was rumored that on Monday there will be a discussion for the posts of prefects and sub-prefects, sources from PNL declared for that a meeting on this topic will take place in the coming days.

Only secretary of state positions would be negotiated on Monday.

PSD variant

The Social Democrats claim that, at the national level, for Alba County, the position of prefect was also taken into account. More precisely, the liberal Nicolae Albu could be replaced by a PSD Alba member.

Following the discussions at national level, inside PSD Alba, for the position of prefect, if it will materialize, two names are circulated: the dentist Adrian Bara and the current director of CS Unirea, Corneliu Mureșan, the two being supported by two camps : a camp formed around the deputy Tuhuț and one of the senator Matieș.

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The best prefect given by PSD Alba, in the last 16 years, Dănuț Hălălai, came out of the internal calculations, the reasons for which he was set aside being unclear.

Another variant previously circulated, Ioan Dîrzu, went out of the scheme. Moreover, the name of Daniel Zdrânc would have been circulated for the respective position, but he did not advance much in the internal negotiations either.

NLP variant

Political sources from PNL Alba told that, at the county level, PSD could receive the position of sub-prefect, which remained vacant after Claudiu Nemeș (USR) was dismissed from office.

They strongly deny that PSD could obtain the position of prefect of Alba county.

The sources also stated that, although there have been discussions at the national level and for some management positions at various public institutions, management positions will not be negotiated at the county level.

According to the sources, the negotiation will not take place, because the management positions are obtained only through competition, the only direct appointment being that of sub-prefect.

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