For Annalena Baerbock, the future head of diplomacy in Berlin, a strong foreign policy of Germany can only be a European one.

She considers it urgent that the Weimar Triangle be revived – this is the format of cooperation that includes Warsaw, Berlin and Paris.

“It’s crucial for Europe,” says Annalena Baerbock. And even if there are several controversial issues with the Polish government, one thing is clear: we need close cooperation with Eastern European partners.

United in front of dictator Lukashenko

In this context, the reporter reminds the future Foreign Minister that he has spoken out against the commissioning of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline linking Russia to Germany and asks: what is your plan?

Annalena Baerbock replied that the critical attitude towards the gas pipeline is based on geostrategic and energy policy reasons. At the moment, the pipeline cannot be put into operation anyway. The Federal Network Agency has just suspended its certification.

Regarding the situation on the eastern border of Poland, she said that we are facing a double blackmail of Lukashenko.

“On the one hand, refugees are being abused to divide Europe. On the other hand, Minsk wants to be recognized by the Europeans as a negotiating partner, although it suppresses the opposition.

We cannot be blackmailed by dictators“, Pointed out Annalena Baerbock. “The EU must be united as a community of values. That is why it is right to tighten sanctions and continue to put pressure on the Lukashenko regime. “

At the same time, diplomacy always means seeking dialogue.

So – the reporter asks – unlike his party colleagues, do you have any problem with the fact that Angela Merkel approached the Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko?

“You cannot continue foreign policy without dialogue. We are also talking to the Taliban to keep people safe, after all. But the chancellor should not have been the one to appeal to Lukashenko.

But it is important that Germany, the EU and Poland act together“, Concluded the future head of German diplomacy.

Old concepts are no longer appropriate

Asked if the West will enter a period of cold war with Russia and China, she said she does not believe in simply applying old concepts to new geopolitical developments:

“We are in a systemic rivalry with authoritarian regimes and we must make every effort to defend the rules-based international order. It is a matter of protecting the principles of international law, human rights and the international peace order.

For several years, it has not only been a matter of military threats, but also of hybrid aggression. “

Obviously, given the political orientation of the interlocutor, the questions related to the fight against climate change could not be missed.

Baerbock acknowledged that, given the boom in energy prices, an additional charge on CO2 emissions at this time would not be feasible.

And – she added – “I’ve always said you can’t just rely on price. Otherwise, the richest people in the country will buy their way out, and everyone else will be left in the cold. That’s why we need a combination of price effect, regulation and subsidies. “

The Berlin Coalition is committed to supporting the phasing out of the internal combustion engine at European level by 2035. It will also ensure that there are 15 million fully electric cars by 2030 and that charging point infrastructure will be expanded.

“Of course, I’d rather see the subsidy for diesel eliminated, for example.

But more importantly, over the next few years, we will build thousands of wind turbines and power lines and expand the charging point infrastructure. The coalition agreement provides a very solid basis for this, “Germany’s future foreign minister told Der Spiegel.

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