• 25,000 euros is the value of the grant from the project initiated by the Ministry of European Investments and Projects

Call for projects for young people who are no longer in school and do not work! The targeted people can benefit from 25,000 euros to develop a business, and the target group consists of the South-East region (Constanța or Tulcea).

The Ministry of European Investment and Projects is launching a call for projects aimed at advising, training, finding a job and financing new businesses, young people who are no longer in the education system and do not work – NEETS (Not in Employment, Education or Training). In total, more than 22,500 young people will be supported by these projects.

The call for projects opened on Wednesday, November 3, and projects can be submitted until December 31, 2021.

“I am glad that we are starting this line of financing through which we can offer chances to more than 22,500 young people to make a career path, a chance they have not had before. Another 60,000 will benefit from similar activities, through the more than 90 financing contracts we signed in September. All these steps funded by the Human Capital Program will have positive effects on the lives of these young people, and the change for the better is the most important result, “said MIPE Secretary of State Csilla Hegedüs.

The call has a total budget of 92 million euros, of which 2 million euros dedicated allocation territory of the ITI Danube Delta. Maximum value of a project: EUR 1 million and maximum implementation period: 18 months.

Through these projects, young people will be able to benefit from the following types of support:

  • introductory, qualification, retraining, advanced or specialization courses;
  • company-recognized training courses;
  • job support and guidance to find a job;
  • grants (micro-grants) for setting up a new business, including post-start-up business support.

The granting of the micro-grant will be conditioned by the establishment of the company (the costs related to the establishment of the company will be covered by the project). Funding will be maximum 25.000 euro for a business created by young NEETs.

In total, it is estimated that they will be funded over 800 business (minimum 9 businesses per project).

Who can apply for funding:

  • Authorized providers of adult training
  • Accredited providers of specialized employment incentives
  • Authorized centers for the assessment and certification of professional competencies obtained in ways other than formal ones;
  • Trade unions – legal entities under private law
  • Employers’ organizations – legal persons under private law without patrimonial purpose
  • ONG-uri;
  • Legally constituted youth organizations;
  • Chambers of Commerce and Industry, legal persons of public utility, without patrimonial purpose;
  • PES (including units with legal personality under it);
  • Ministry of Youth and Sports and subordinate institutions / in coordination;
  • Business associations.

Regions where the projects will be implemented: South-West Oltenia, South East, South Muntenia, Center.

Who will be the young people to be included in the projects:

Exclusively unemployed young NEETS, with a focus on those in rural areas and those belonging to the Roma minority, aged 16-29, domiciled or residing in one of the eligible development regions (South-West Oltenia, South-East, South Muntenia, Center), previously registered and profiled by the Public Employment Service – SPO (ANOFM through the units with legal personality under its subordination located in the eligible development regions).

To be eligible in the target group, on the date of entry into operation, a person must cumulatively meet the following conditions:

  • Be young NEETs between the ages of 16 and 29;
  • To be registered and profiled by the SPO;
  • Have their domicile or residence in the development regions covered by the project (South West, South East, South Muntenia, Center).

The minimum target group for a project consists of 250 young neets.

The applicant’s guide can be found here: https://mfe.gov.ro/calendar/viitor-pentru-tinerii-neets-i-2/


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