An informal meeting was held at George Bacovia – Bacău University, in the hall of Moldova, on the ground floor, during which several topics were addressed. From the effects generated by the evolution of the pandemic on human relations, the protection of the environment, to the preservation of traditional values. Famous guests, Pro volunteers, members of the two conservative movements, the Romanian Renaissance Alliance and the Romanian Family Alliance. The case of the Furdui family was also included on the agenda. A Romanian family, whose 7 children were taken by the German state, after one of the minors confessed to the psychologist, that the mother used to beat the younger siblings.

“It was” before and after the coronavirus

Lots of logic, documentation. Who are we, do we want to be or can we be? A cold analysis of the future of mankind. Chances are Earth will still support us. At the bar, the lawyer Peter Costea, versus the jurors chosen by the Divine power in absentia, to decide the fate of the Universe. Difficult mission to defend the culprit: Careless humanity.

Lawyer Dr. Peter Costea, a candidate for the European Parliament in 2019, proposed for debate the content of a volume, recently published in the USA, which arouses much controversy. A topical issue: What will the world look like, post covid? The authors, Klaus Schwab and Thierry Malleret, suggestively called it “COVID-19: The Great RESET.” More in Romanian: “Covid-19: The Great Reset”. When the book was published, the new strain (Omicron) was not taken into account. That’s how we got to the 15th letter of the Greek alphabet. If we followed the Latin one, we would only jump to the letter E. It’s as if someone wants to steal the start.

Peter Costea: “I suggestively titled this topic, Post Covid Human Society. What are the current ideas on global reset? This is not a conspiracy theory. These are ideas used by great and influential intellectuals, economists and politicians today. There have been several such resets in human history. After each world cataclysm, a new world appears. The flood! For the first time in human history, a moral code appears. To form a society based on certain moral principles. A similar example is the Code of Hamurabi, when the people who lived 4,000 years ago tried to establish rules of conduct for the members of society, through the social, politico-economic organization of the time. We count the years before and after, Christ! Two different eras. More recently, another major historical event is the Treaty of Westphalia, Germany, 1648, which ended the Thirty Years’ War in Europe. It was, we might say, a military cataclysm that nearly destroyed the continent, from East to West. Then came the terms consent, tolerance and mutual acceptance, pluralism and diversity. Napoleon’s wars, which again destroyed Europe, followed by the French Revolution and the Peace of Vienna (Vienna Concert), sought to reconfigure Europe again. The idea of ​​preventing war in the future by imposing a military balance was imposed. Humanity has been reset and the balance of power is being accepted! The concept was destroyed by the First World War, which gave birth to a new global society, based on the principles of national autonomy. New institutions have emerged, the League of Nations, the International Court of Justice in The Hague, also destroyed by World War II, the most terrible cataclysm that has affected humanity. After 1945, another global political system emerged, another reset if you will, in which we are historically still today. The United Nations was established. Intended to maintain peace, to prevent war, through diplomacy, development, human rights. “

Before – After, Coronavirus

“There are two more recent issues that have fundamentally changed the evolution of society,” Peter Costea said. – simply – reset the world economy. After 20 years of extraordinary globalization, economic, political, the result was the emergence of a new series of institutions, which – I would say – have negatively affected national identity. Thus, in the early 2020s, I came across a small virus that either leaked, I believe, was out of control in a laboratory in China, or, according to zoonotic theory, that this virus was transmitted from animal in the human being, we have reached this terrible situation in which we find ourselves today. A world cataclysm resets humanity. It’s awful to think that because of climate change, there is speculation that the ideal population of the planet should be reduced to only half a billion people. Which is horrible. “

Lawyer… by word of mouth. The mathematician… with numbers

And love can be measured, quantified, transposed into dimensions. The virus also has the measure and logic of its multiplication. The mathematician Florian Colceag, professor, doctor, does not wear a mask. Logic tells him it’s useless. On the contrary, it is a repository of other microbes, which make us much worse once inspired: “The future catches up with us, and we are not ready. We should avoid patterns. We need education. We were only educated to solve problems in math classes. No life problems. One crisis cannot be canceled, but three crises can be canceled at the same time. They are related to each other. The consequences can be seen in children. If you struggle with one problem, you will not succeed. But if you look at the consequences, the fact that the teacher is wearing a mask is enough. You’re talking to a masked man. There is no more facial expression. The baby is waiting for the mother’s smile when it is born. Without that smile he does not know if he is encouraged or discouraged, if he has done something good or bad. Children learn from each other when they are together. Our submissive role model, I’m sorry to say, brings people of sheep, not heroes. You know very well that in these masks, inside, bacteria grow in the humid environment. Graphene oxide, due to respiration, has worse effects than the virus. Very well! Go on, that’s what the government tells you, if you don’t care. You must care about covid! The fact that we are a submissive people seems to have lost our mind! We don’t judge anymore! We accept what gets in our necks. For them to sell their goods? Think about the future of children learning at home. Only restrictions. Parents climb the walls, they also work online, when they see the political struggles for a position in a system so corrupt. ” Inflation also has a logic of numbers, due to climate change, depletion of mineral resources, desertification, the greenhouse effect. “I destroyed the natural environment, out of carelessness, out of stupidity, for welfare. Do not think that the natural environment does not consider us dangerous. These beings, some unseen, who surround us, have no reaction, no feelings? Doesn’t the pig have a right to life? We sacrifice it! Are we too smart? Neither fair, nor skeptical, nor moral. The natural environment does not show us with the naked eye what bacterial, viral intelligence, genetic mutations mean. Babies are great when they are born. The environment transforms them. Are monkeys noble? I do not lie. They don’t cheat, they don’t speculate, they take care of their puppies. If we degenerated, man would still be better, as a man, after a reset. I come back to Brâncuși who said: In the year I left, you were poor and stupid. I came back, and I found you even poorer and more stupid. ”

A lot of intelligence per square meter at this meeting, confrontation of ideas. Don’t just talk! Also present in the hall were, let’s say, entrepreneurs, who are already putting into practice, in the fight against bureaucracy, revolutionary technologies that will protect the environment in which we live.

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