The President of the Parliament should change every year according to the principle of rotation. This is what the four parties that are currently negotiating the formation of a government have agreed on – “Continuing Change” (PP), Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), “There is Such a People” (ITN) and Democratic Bulgaria (BD), according to .

The idea is that in a full four-year term, each of the four parties should have a Speaker of Parliament. According to the agreement, the rotation will start with the resigning president of BSP, Cornelia Ninova.

The intentions of the negotiators came from a letter signed by the secretary general of the Democratic Party for a Mighty Bulgaria, one of the parties in Democratic Bulgaria, sent to members of the Executive Council. They have until noon today to say whether they support joining the government with their own ministers. The letter also presents the new structure of the Sofia Council of Ministers.

It states that Bulgaria is expected to have only one Deputy Prime Minister, under whose authority will be the Forest Agency, which is now part of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Directorate of the National Nature Protection Service of the Ministry of Environment and Water.

The post of Minister of e-Government is also being set up, which will also be responsible for the Directorate-General for Civil Registration and Administrative Service, the Bulgarian Post and the Registry Agency. The state dam management company will move from the Ministry of Economy to the Ministry of Agriculture, and the Agency for Road Infrastructure (API) will be under the Ministry of Transport, not the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works.

The letter also states that each of the parties present at the negotiations has “a package agreed by deputy ministers, prefects and deputy prefects, as well as a set of other positions of state leadership.” And that the ambition is for the coalition agreement to be announced by December 3, when the first meeting of the new National Assembly takes place. (Rador)

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