The best casinos that paid the players in Brasov. The best offline and online casinos available in Brasov that have managed to pay real winnings can be found in this article. Read now!

The era of online casinos has grown in Romania. More and more gambling operators are appearing every day. Although the game rooms were numerous, today there are a lot of casinos that can be accessed online, from the comfort of home. The player can be from any locality to access the games of chance. However, street casinos are becoming more prominent, especially in cities such as Brasov.

It’s no secret that this beautiful area of ​​Romania is one of the most beloved tourist attractions in Romania. Many visitors tend to visit in addition to the sights and these casinos and the busiest ones choose to play online from their phone or PC. But which are the most popular casinos that have paid many prizes in Brasov?


Although this operator does not have a gambling hall open in this city, you may also want to try Admiral online casinos. Many people from Brasov access this site with games of chance considering the wide selection of games but also other really special strengths. At Admiral, customer support is extremely fast, focused on player and professional needs.

Moreover, Admiral is a gaming platform that is licensed by ONJN, offering security and availability of mobile gaming from the browser or even from the application. There are jackpots slots that have been won, as well as other games of chance that have rewarded both customers from Brasov and those from other cities. Luck was the determining factor and prizes of hundreds, tens or thousands of RON were paid. If you access Admiral casino, you can enjoy the slots from Novomatic, the most accessed on the site.


The next casino has a gambling hall open in the city. After Las Vegas, MaxBet ranks 2nd in popularity in the city. Both tourists and locals want to experience live games, diversified slot machines and even put a ticket to the daily sporting events. Here, too, great prizes were given to those who crossed the threshold of MaxBet and even the jackpots coveted by the black heart.

However, those who are busy can also visit the online version of MaxBets, a version that comes with a special advantage, namely, a variety of special bonuses and tournaments with prizes of tens of thousands of RON. The range of games is much more varied, with new developers that you may not find in street agencies.

Las Vegas

With over 10 gambling halls open in Brasov, Las Vegas ranks 1st in this city. Las Vegas street agencies can be found on every street corner. Those who are passing through or simply want to try their luck again can sit at one of the slot machines that have paid hundreds of lucky players.

Those attracted to these games can choose slots or table games with a high payout rate and a low house edge. Why? They will give you a better chance of getting paid and being one of the winners. And if you want to try more special games with high pay potential you can also access the official website. Book of Six, lottery games or sports betting will be just a click away.

Game World

The last casino you will find out about in this BZB news is Game World itself, a relatively new operator that has opened its first gaming hall in Brasov and offers its services online as well. The most popular games that have paid off quite a lot and are very popular both in agencies and on the site are even EGTs such as Shining Crown, Burning Hot or Penguin Style.

At any stake in which you play the EGT slots, you can always activate the big jackpot, which can be a club, a diamond, a red heart or a sword. To take it, the player must turn over 3 face-up cards.

Moment, day and luck are the main factors that managed to bring quite big gains in Brasov. Whether it was slots, table games, lotto or sports betting, street agencies, game rooms and online casinos available to all, players were rewarded. Luck was close to them, they enjoyed the game and withdrew winnings that came to a head.

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