Former Greek Prime Minister Alex Tsipras: “Here and in Romania we see third world scenes in hospitals!”

Former Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras spoke of images from hospitals in Romania and Greece, saying they were “third world” scenes.

“Across Europe it is a burden for hospitals, but only in our country and, possibly, in Eastern European countries, such as Romania, we live third world scenes in hospitals. In our country alone we have about 150 patients intubated outside the intensive care units. It doesn’t happen anywhere else, “said Alexis Tsipras, president of the SYRIZA Progressive Alliance.

“Once again we see tragic scenes in the National Health System, but we live in an unprecedented situation in which most households and companies face the syndrome of week 3. In the 3rd week of the month the money is exhausted, while the month and obligations flow. And for this double test, the Mitsotakis government has an exclusive and very heavy responsibility “, added Tsipras.

Greece, champion in recent months in deaths

On the subject of the pandemic, Tsipras pointed out: “There is a coronavirus all over Europe, but our country is a champion in the last months of deaths. We have an energy crisis all over Europe, but little Greece is a champion of wholesale electricity prices. And only Greece will keep wages lower in 2021 than a decade ago. “

The president of the Progressive Alliance SYRIZA criticized the government for managing both crises, saying: “All these are not accidental events, it is not about our fate or our bad roots. We can’t even call them inevitable circumstances. These are the result of either the election or the mistakes or omissions of the Mitsotakis government. “

Tsipras even expressed his appreciation that “Mr. Mitsotakis’ government will soon become a thing of the past.”

“Government loses ball due to pandemic”

“Greek Prime Minister does not know what is happening in Greek hospitals. He didn’t hear or find out what the doctors and front-line nurses were saying. He does not know that outside of ATI the chances of survival are dramatically reduced.

He does not know that ATIs do not meet the specifications, as claimed by doctors and specialists. He doesn’t know … But to cut NSS spending for the new year in the midst of a pandemic, he knows. To slander doctors, citizens, parties, he knows. To ask SYRIZA’s word for his own failure, he knows. For his own immunity in fact. For his nonsense, I dare say. And superficiality. And irresponsibility. In the summer the end of the pandemic is whistling, in the winter it seems to tell people that they have revived it. And he announces the punishment “, said the former Prime Minister of Greece, Alexis Tsipras.

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