The former Minister of European Funds, Cristian Ghinea (USR), says that the Minister of Labor, Marius Budai (PSD), is “whining” about the percentage of GDP for pensions because he has to choose “between the special pensions of clients and the pensions of Romanians”.

“Don’t give pensions to mayors, work for retirees! I am glad that Marius Budai is learning new things and that he has just found out the average GDP in EU pensions. Asked today if they will pay the special pensions for mayors, Budai performs a pirouette saying that it is my fault that I negotiated a limit of 9.4% of GDP for pensions in PNRR. And that the EU average is 13%. Like any average, the percentage hides large differences between countries and does not help the debate at all. So I can say that to increase the pensions in Buda to the level of Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Ireland, Slovakia, Czech Republic. It would sound good but it would be stupid, because all these countries have spending on pensions / GDP less than 9.4%. All spend about 8%. Romania now has a pension / GDP expenditure of about 8%. So in line with most EU countries in the east.

The problem of Romania, and of other countries, is the deficit in the pension fund that must be covered every year from the big budget of the country. To cover the hole, you have to take money from the budget, from where it goes into the budget deficit, from where the Commission’s concern on the subject. It would not be elegant for me to give details from the negotiations, but I can say that the percentage of 9.4% of GDP that remained in the PNRR in the end is much higher than the proposal made by the European Commission. Maybe you don’t know, but Romania was thrown by the PSD in the excessive deficit procedure and any expenditure must be related to these constraints (which are not directly related to PNRR). The real stake is not the EU average but how we balance the pension budget irresponsibly unbalanced by PSD. Even with the contribution of Budai, who was also a minister and contributed to the problem.

On the contrary, 9.4% is a percentage that allows the increase of pensions now. I challenge Budai (and Ciolacu, in general, these guys who screw up and change PNRR every day with something) to write that email to the Commission once to ask for the change. I really want to see pension / GDP negotiations between Buda and DG Recovery. Whoever thinks that I went with such a percentage of fishing from the plane beats the plains. There were alternative proposals, the issue was open for months, there were consultations with the ministries involved and we fell at peace. Budai to write a message that he wants to reopen this negotiation or to stop whining. In addition, this tire obviously includes special pensions. All special pensions. It is absurd to accuse this constraint when you want new special pensions to be paid.

Let’s be clear: USR is the only party in Romania that has abolished special pensions. We have conditioned the entry into government by the abolition of special pensions for parliamentarians. We also demanded the cancellation of special pensions for mayors, the coalition partners only accepted the postponement of payment. That is, a one-year deferral. Which is just passing. If the Government does not give the GEO in the next three weeks, from January 1, thousands of former mayors and heads of County Councils will receive special pensions. Inserted by PSD in the previous law. These are also special pensions, regardless of whether Budai calls them allowances or giraffes. THESE ARE SPECIAL PENSIONS. There are special pensions for the political clientele and obviously if you put these in payment and increase the other special pensions, you don’t have room to increase the pensions of the other Romanians. This is why Buda is whining: he has to choose between the special pensions of the clientele and the increased pensions of the Romanians.

# Romanians Must Know that any increase in special pensions or the introduction of new special pensions, as PSD does now for mayors, means the impossibility of increasing their pensions. The PNLSD government needs to get down to business and stop whining. They need to finish recalculating pensions, come up with a fixed statistical formula for raising pensions. And to produce, to have economic growth, to increase GDP, to increase the pension envelope. That is, you can no longer play with the pensions of Romanians.

Yesterday, the OECD published its annual report. This is the club of the developing countries and we have a strategic goal to join, he writes in the current government program. It says: “The effective implementation of the Recovery and Resilience Plan, especially of the planned structural reforms, will be key to put growth on a sustainable path. In particular, reforms of the pension and the tax systems are needed to restore the sustainability of public finances ”. For those like Budai who graduated at the age of 30 (why is PSD a club of late students?) He says that the implementation of PNRR and in particular the pension reform provided there is essential.

Come on, stop whining, at work and success! ”, Wrote Cristian Ghinea on his Facebook page.

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