By Claudiu Loghin.
Published: 01.11.2021, 14:30.

Updated: 01.11.2021, 14:38

Paradoxical situation in Brasov. The son of the former head of the Anti-Drug Brigade is being investigated, on top of that, even for drug trafficking. The man is now under house arrest. Looks like he’s an older police client.

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According to Observatory reporter Claudiu Loghin, it all started about 4 months ago, when investigators obtained information that Roberto Florescu, 25, was selling cannabis in Brasov.

Claudiu Loghin, Observatory reporter: “During this operational investigation, it was established that, in at least two of the cases, the 25-year-old man sold various quantities of cannabis. A search was also carried out, which the investigators did not find. nothing, on the grounds that, recognized even by the son of the former head of BCCOA Brașov, he had finished selling the entire quantity he had in stock.

Initially, this young man was detained for 24 hours, but the Brașov Court decided to investigate him under house arrest. The prosecutors appealed against this decision, and the new court hearing took place at the Court of Appeal in Brașov. It’s not the first such thing. About 2 years ago, Roberto Florescu also had a criminal record for driving with speed above the maximum allowed limit and without having a valid driving license “.

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