The President of the Romanian Academy, Ioan Aurel Pop, intervenes in the scandal generated by the ban on the word “Christmas”, on the recommendation of the European Commission. Ioan Aurel Pop shows that the communist regime tried the same thing, but they failed to change the traditions and beliefs of the Romanian people.

“I hear, on the eve of the National Holiday of December 1 – when we were enjoying another national holiday, that of St. Andrew – that some are thinking of banning us from Christmas. These “some” are not just anyone, but the European Commission, eager to introduce in the European Parliament a draft resolution to replace the term “Christmas” with “holiday”. I find out that, this time, it didn’t work out. For some it seems amazing, for others it seems ideal, and for most the fact remains indifferent.

Young people no longer know that communist regimes did the same thing, with different intensities and durations. In our country, after 1948, the word “Christmas” was banned and replaced with “Winter Holidays”, and “Santa Claus” had officially become “Santa Claus”. In other words, nothing is new under the sun! These took place during the communist globalism, when the atheist society and the “single working people” were built, under the aegis of Lenin, Stalin and other emulators of Marx. Today we have a neo-Marxist globalism that pursues, with the same words or with others, close in meaning, similar goals. Soon we will be told how and if to use the term “Passover” and we will be told who rose and whether someone rose two millennia ago. Unfortunate illusions and unnecessary energy consumption, on the money of naive taxpayers! Many others, stronger than the leaders in Brussels and Strasbourg, tried to curb our Christian faith and went bankrupt. The French Revolution of 1789 replaced Christianity with the so-called “cult of reason,” which soon proved to be a total fiasco. A great Romanian prelate – the one who read on December 1 the Union Resolution from Alba Iulia, in front of the “Great National Assembly” and who is now “Happy” in the calendar – said: “our faith is our life”. Leave us as we are and as we have taken from the elders and ancestors and take care of administrative affairs for Europe, that they are enough! Until then – even if we modernize and adapt every day to the hectic world in which we live – “we stick to the place”, in the words of the Poet.

Happy birthday, Romania! ”, Writes Ioan Aurel Pop.

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