Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday proposed NATO to begin negotiations to prevent the Atlantic Alliance from expanding into Eastern Europe, close to Russia’s borders, informs EFE, according to Agerpres.

“In dialogue with the United States and its allies, we will insist on reaching concrete agreements that exclude NATO’s continued rapprochement with the East and the deployment of threatening weapons near Russia,” he said during a welcoming ceremony. of credentials of about 20 Kremlin ambassadors.

“We propose to start substantive negotiations in this regard,” said Putin, who stressed that Russia needs “legal guarantees” because Western countries “have not kept their verbal commitments.”

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“In particular, everyone knows about the verbal promises that NATO will not expand to the East, but that the exact opposite has happened. In short, Russia’s legitimate security concerns have been ignored and continue to be ignored, “he said. 2004 (Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia).

“We do not ask for special conditions. We understand that any agreement must inevitably take into account the interests of both Russia and all Euro-Atlantic countries. The calm and stable situation must be guaranteed for all (…), without exception, ” Putin added.

He denounced the fact that some countries are trying to limit Russia’s development by resorting to sanctions and instigating tensions on its borders.

“The threat to our western borders is growing. It is enough to look at how close to Russia’s borders the military infrastructure of the Atlantic Alliance has come. For us, this is more than serious, “he said.

For this reason, the Russian president explained, Moscow is taking “technical-military” measures, although he insisted that accusing Russia of threatening someone is “at least irresponsible”.

Two weeks ago, Putin called on his foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, to negotiate “long-term security guarantees” with the West.

Russia has been accused in recent weeks of gathering more than 90,000 troops near the border with Ukraine in order to invade the neighboring country in winter.

On Wednesday, Lavrov accused Kiev of concentrating large numbers of troops in the Donbas, the scene of a 2014 conflict.

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