PSD President Marcel Ciolacu claims that hydrogen trains are not a priority for Romania. First, we must solve the problems in Romanian villages, says the PSD leader.

Marcel Ciolacu considers that fast trains would solve Romania’s problems in the field of railway transport.

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“I do not agree with the hydrogen train as it does not exist anywhere in Europe. Did I solve all the problems in the Romanian villages? Fast trains solve the problem. Let me see those trains in Germany first ”said Marcel Ciolacu, on Tuesday evening, on TVR 1.

The PSD president also said that Romania could change its strategy if the trains were manufactured in the region.

“Why not make a factory here in Romania? Let’s make a hub here, in Eastern Europe, that’s another problem “, said Marcel Ciolacu.

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Former Minister of Transport, Cătălin Drulă, launched the debate on hydrogen trains. The train has zero pollutant emissions and a range of 1,000 kilometers. The hydrogen train is designed for electricity-free railways, currently covered by diesel trains.

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