Cluj actor Bob Rădulescu says that in Brașov you can eat much cheaper in the city center. Cluj is a highway robbery, with prices from restaurants.

“I am in Sfatului Square, in the heart of Brașov, at a chic restaurant with a terrace and it is full of Romanian and foreign tourists around me.

The atmosphere is fine, the weather is beautiful, the world is good, the food and services are excellent, and the prices …

My children … for the money I ate here for lunch with my family, if I was in Cluj at any of the street festivals, with food, with the street, with the food van, with the food truck, so with the money given in Brașov for lunch , in Cluj he would have given me from that hipster booth … ohohoho … a lot of goodies.

But, wait! … Welcome to the cardboard or plastic plate, with disposable cutlery, taken by me to the plank table that I would have wiped before eating, after which I would have taken my leftovers to the dumpster, but no … goodness of finesse of Cluj, right?

On my word that I look at some prices, some owners and their businesses in Cluj and I wonder if the treasure city doesn’t have its name inspired by the legend of Ali Baba and the 40 fools. Sorry, thieves.

I pray, thieves and fools, that this tandem is needed so that you can talk about a treasure city… ”, said the Cluj actor Bob Rădulescu.

”Everything … Absolutely everything… It starts from the insensitive rents practiced by those who own the spaces and from the slap that they do on, of everything that means entrepreneurial in this field (and not only).

And on the Delivery area the situation is worse. The platforms in Romania can no longer be called what they do. 33% + VAT from ATTENTION‼ ️ SALE … not even from profit “, replied Paul ..

At the restaurants in the center, four people cannot eat and drink anything without at least 250-300 lei. There are terraces, where one beer per liter is 30 lei, and an unfiltered beer per bottle is 22 lei. A burger 40 – 45 lei, a pizza 40 lei, etc.

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