The National Meteorological Administration (ANM) issued the weather forecast for Tuesday, November 30, 2021.

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Weather November 30, 2021. Temperatures drop sharply and rain, sleet and snow are expected


In the night from Monday to Tuesday the sky will be more cloudy and there will be precipitation, predominantly in the form of snow in the mountains, especially rain in the southern and southwestern regions, mixed in the center and isolated in the other regions. The wind will intensify in the high area of ​​the Eastern Carpathians, and in the last hours of the interval and on the ridges of the Southern Carpathians, with gusts that will exceed 80 … 90 km / h; in some places it will snow blizzard. The wind will gradually intensify in the southwestern extremity of the country and will have speeds, generally of 45 … 55 km / h. The minimum temperatures will be between -4 and 6 degrees, with the highest values ​​on the coast. In confined spaces there will be foggy conditions.

Weather forecast Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The weather will cool down, and in the intra-Carpathian regions the diurnal thermal values ​​will be below those specific to the date. The maximum temperatures will be between 0 and 7 degrees, and the minimum between -6 and 3 degrees. During the day the sky will be temporarily cloudy and there will be precipitation especially in the form of rain and sleet in the southeastern regions and in some places in the rest of the territory, and snow will predominate in the mountains. At night the snows will intensify in the mountains, in the intra-Carpathian regions on relatively large areas there will be mixed precipitations, and in the rest of the isolated territory there will be mainly rains and sleet.

On small areas, especially in the southeast and northwest, the amounts of precipitation will exceed 15 … 25 l / sqm. A layer of snow will be deposited on the mountain, more consistent in the Western and Eastern Carpathians, in some places in the northwest, the center of the territory, in the hilly areas and only isolated in the rest. Temporarily the wind will intensify in most areas, with the highest speeds in the mountains, at higher altitudes, where the gusts will exceed 80 … 100 km / h, and the snow will be blizzard, as well as in western Oltenia and eastern Dobrogea, where there will be speeds generally of 65 … 75 km / h. The fog will be signaled in isolation.

Weather forecast Bucharest

The weather will get colder. The maximum temperature will be 5 … 6 degrees, and the minimum -3 … 0 degrees. The sky will be cloudy and it will rain lightly during the passing day. The wind will generally be moderate.

Mountain weather

The weather will be dark and cold. During the day, the locally light snow will predominate, and at night it will intensify. On small areas, the amounts of precipitation will exceed 15 … 25 l / sqm, so that a layer of snow will be deposited, more consistent in the Western and Eastern Carpathians. The wind will intensify especially in the high area, where the gusts will exceed 80 … 100 km / h, and the snow will be blizzard.

What will the weather be like in Europe

In southern and southwestern Europe, the weather will be generally beautiful, the sky will be variable, but in low relief areas, on small areas there will be fog. In the rest of the continent there will be clouds and local precipitation in the form of rain in the west, rain, sleet and snow in the center, east and southeast and snow in the north. The wind will intensify in the western, central, southern and eastern regions and in restricted areas. Temperatures will drop from the previous day in eastern and south-eastern Europe, a slight increase in the west, and otherwise will not change significantly.

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