Iulian Iancu, former chairman of the Commission for Industries in the Chamber of Deputies, said that there is a great possibility that a general power outage will appear in Romania.

He confessed that the country is not prepared for this catastrophe, compared to other countries that have done a series of simulations.

Romania remains in darkness

“A scenario of a power outage, a system failure, a blackout is always possible. I didn’t say that. The Austrian Minister of Defense himself said this after in December 2020 they made an exercise for an emergency situation, simulating a crisis regarding a system failure.

On January 8, 2021, at 2 pm, a coupling was triggered in a transformer station in Croatia, which practically broke an overcurrent protection, breaking Europe in two – the North-West part of the South-East part. Fortunately for us, Europe is divided into two areas with a consumption pole – the Southeast in summer and a peak consumption Northwest in winter.

But this trigger coupling forced France, Italy to close its consumers in two hours, Turkey to stop producers, and Transylvania, the North-West part of Romania, to interrupt the supply of consumers on transport segments.

It was an absolutely real situation. I lived it on January 8, “said Iulian Iancu.

Damage as in 1977

“Unfortunately, we, the Romanians, experienced a total system breakdown on May 10, 1977. When an isolator broke in the 110 station at Tismana and we lost in 30 minutes seven groups – three at the Iron Gates, three at Rovinari and automatically a perfect storm was created throughout Romania.

The trains stopped. The subway stopped. People were taken out of the subway very hard. The trams stopped. Hospitals were left without electricity. (…) The loss was 2.9 billion dollars, higher than the one from the earthquake which was 2.6 billion dollars, according to the estimates of the World Bank “, said Iulian Iancu.

“Now that we are talking, there are drill exercises in China, India, Lebanon, Germany, the United States. Canada has a dedicated website that instructs its citizens on how to react to such a situation. The situation is more than realistic. We are living some unprecedented moments “, explained the former PSD parliamentarian.

He confessed that the authorities did not give importance to this advertisement, and the country is not even half ready for what will follow.

“The situation started six months ago. We have a 30% drop in hydro energy, over 7% in wind energy, 24% in coal-based energy and 70% in gas deposits.

As we speak, this is the real world. We are exposed to unprecedented prices, unprecedented behavior by operators and an extremely tense situation around Romania.

At the Ministry of Interior, DSU has not carried out the plan, no simulation for the emergency situation in the national electro-energetic system “, the former social-democratic parliamentarian also warned, according to România TV.

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