The European Parliament on Thursday called on the European Commission to draw up a package of proposals aimed at promoting the legal arrival of non-EU migrants wishing to work in the EU, as a measure to mitigate the negative effects of Europe’s aging population and labor crisis.

According to a resolution adopted by the European legislature on Thursday, it calls on the EU executive to present within two months a set of measures to “facilitate and promote (EU) entry and mobility within the EU for legal migrant workers from third countries”. shows in a press release of the European Parliament, quoted by Agerpres.

Among other measures requested by the European Commission, MEPs mention the revision of existing regulations applicable to residents of third countries, to allow them to move from one Member State to another according to the rules applicable to EU citizens, and the minimum number of years of EU residence required to obtain long-term residence permit to be reduced to three years from the current five years.

The EP also proposes changing the current regulations for seasonal workers so that they can be out of work for three months without having their residence permit revoked.

“Europe faces demographic and economic challenges. To manage these challenges and ensure that Europe can be strong and competitive, we need labor migration. We need to make it more attractive for migrant workers to come to Europe and we need to adjust the system so that the rules are followed, “said MEP Abir Al-Sahlani of the Renew Europe group.

The European Parliament considers that a strategy in this regard can be a solution to the aging of the EU population, given that, according to its estimates, a third of the inhabitants of the EU bloc will be over 65 in 2050.

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