Romania is absent from European intellectual debates or the transatlantic space, although we have people who are capable, good analysts, good thinkers, said Alina Inayeh, Senior Fellow & Director of the Bucharest office of the German Marshall Fund, in a conference organized by Oxygen Events.

“I can’t find my way, I don’t access the platforms where such intellectual debates take place. The issue of a new world order, the future of the workforce is being discussed internationally and we are not present there, “she said.

She believes that the biggest vulnerability is the lack of critical thinking in Romanian society, its great vulnerability to the information war that comes not only from the East, but from many parts now, and how this vulnerability translates into polarization, aggression of some camps compared to others and in general in some social instability.

“Another vulnerability is not only the lack of trust in government structures, but the lack of trust between various societal actors, the lack of trust between government, business, academia and civil society. Between all these actors, in various combinations there is a lack of trust which makes any kind of debate very difficult, almost impossible “, said Inayeh.

• Debates, as many as they are, go in bubbles, enter group thinking and do not move on to something that will merge into an important debate.

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