The estimated value of the contract put up for auction on Thursday by Prahova County Council, through a simplified procedure, is 910,350 lei.

The object of the service contract consists in the elaboration of the Feasibility Study for the investment objective “Comarnic Bypass Variant” in accordance with the requirements of the specifications and of the legislation in the field.

Expected results from the provider: a) Topo documentation; b) Technical expertise; c) Geotechnical study; d) Elaboration of a Feasibility Study for the investment objective “Comarnic bypass variant”, drawn up in accordance with the provisions of GD 907/2016; e) Elaboration of documentation for obtaining the approvals mentioned in the Urbanism Certificate; f) Obtaining the urbanism certificate and all the approvals, agreements and authorizations specified in it; g) Traffic study; h) Hydrogeological study; i) Route analysis (two route variants are required).

The deadline for submission of bids is June 28, 2021, which will be evaluated until July 26, according to OF INFORMATION from the Electronic Public Procurement System (SEAP).

The tender for the construction of 5 kilometers of highway at Comarnic, canceled

We remind you that in August 2020, the National Company for Road Infrastructure Management (CNAIR) had launched a tender for the design and execution of a section of 5.2 km highway to Comarnic. The contract included 12 months of design and 24 months for the actual construction.

In January 2021, the Minister of Transport Cătălin Drulă declared that the approximately 5 kilometers of highway at Comarnic were tendered “in a form in which they cannot be built”And suggested the inclusion of that section in the contract for the feasibility study and the Ploiești – Brașov Highway project, subsequently signed with Consitrans.

On March 30, 2021, the tender for the construction of the 5.2 km section at Comarnic was canceled. The reason? “Serious deviations from the legislative provisions affect the award procedure or it is impossible to conclude the contract. Following the submission of an appeal by an economic operator regarding the award documentation, and its substantive analysis, it was found that there are numerous deficiencies in field studies that have a major impact on both the environment and society, generating considerable delays in contract implementation. The bypass variant will be taken over within the investment objective Ploiești – Brașo Highwayv ”, is explained in the CNAIR decision to cancel the auction.

The Comarnic area is one of the busiest in the Prahova Valley, where the traffic on DN1 takes place only on one lane per direction.

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