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“Mureș County” Mureş County has reached, this year, a number of 931 minor mothers, we are on the first place in the country. It is the result of a year of analyzes carried out by Save the Children Romania, regarding the situation of minor mothers and disadvantaged areas Unfortunately, Mureş County leads to underage mothers, leads to children born to underage mothers, these children also have problems, one in four are born prematurely, have various birth defects, then require treatment We are concerned because the total of 931 mothers refers to 2019, because it seems that in 2020 the situation will worsen, the average age of birth of a child has dropped to 16.3 years (…) The problem is that they come from disadvantaged backgrounds, one in four drop out of education, drop out of school and then become very vulnerable in the social environment. of Baciu, a social worker and an extraordinary woman, we try to demonstrate and create a model. Here it gave results. We are also looking for other localities where to offer our help “, said Dr. Meda Neagoe, according to agerpres.ro.

The head of the Mureș organization reminded that only through sustained counseling programs and consistent help can the number of minor mothers be reduced. Dr. Meda Neagoe gave as an example the commune of Râciu, where a program was successfully applied that includes parenting courses, but also the reduction of the number of minor mothers, through contraceptive education.

“In these communities where mothers are found, we have programs that help them gain confidence in the social worker, the health mediator, the nurse and the family doctor, they are helped with money to do their specific tests. Save the Children help them with transportation, doctor’s appointments, medication for them and help for the unborn child, clothes, medicine and milk powder.Unfortunately, the problem is that if they have these children, some parents live on an average age of 20.4 years and very few of them work and then the living from these allowances is perpetuated, which does not ensure a living at a necessary level anyway “, added Dr. Meda Neagoe.

The alarm signal sounded by the organization comes in the context in which our country is in the top of the EU for teenage mothers. Romania ranks second in the European Union, after Bulgaria, in the birth rate among adolescents. Our country came in second in Europe, with the most births and abortions for girls under 18. In the under-15 memory category, Romania ranks first in Europe.

According to the UNICEF study together with the SAMAS Association in Romania in 2019, 16,639 pregnancies were registered among adolescents, down 9% compared to 2018. In the case of adolescents under 15, the number of pregnancies decreased in all regions, except Northwest and Northeast regions, where growth was 11%.

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