It is good for Romania to adopt the euro when it is ready for this, was the verdict given by Adrian Câciu, the future Minister of Finance, on Monday evening, on B1 TV, on “Politician’s file”, where he received a question in this regard and where he spoke, among other things, both about his ideological position and about the situation of money for pensions.

Asked if it is good for Romania to adopt the euro, Adrian Câciu explained: “It is good for Romania to adopt the euro when it is ready for this. Beyond the nominal convergence indicators that almost everyone knows, low inflation, deficits of less than 3%, interest rates that are in a reasonable area compared to other interest rates in the top three countries in Europe, the most important is the real convergence. Very few people talk about real convergence and we see that countries that entered Europe without real convergence are now facing a number of problems, especially social ones, and I am referring especially to the countries of southern Europe ”.

“If we succeed in real convergence, then we will have the opportunity to enter Europe as equals with the European average – not as Europe’s tigers, as there were a number of claims. Think about what the competitiveness of Romanian companies means in front of German or Dutch or French companies, everyone knows ”, added the future Minister of Finance.

He explained that a consumer-based economy “is very volatile” in a context of crisis.

“It is very complicated to make a nominal adherence only, from the perspective of some statistical indicators, without having a real convergence, to have a quality of both the labor force, but also of the production factors used, to have a production economy. Because we don’t have a production economy and that’s a reality, and that should change in the next period, because you see what a consumption-based economy means. It is easy to sustain debt from a perspective, but it is very volatile in the context of crises. We have the effect of an economic crisis that we created ourselves by making the production area vulnerable “, Adrian Câciu also stated.

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