Romania is acting below its potential, and this year it no longer has any company in the top 20 companies in Central and Eastern Europe, although it should have been represented in the top 10 companies in the region, said on Monday Eugen Anicescu, Country Manager, Coface Romania, in a press conference.

“A top of the countries: as every year, Poland ranks first. In fact, the top 4 (in terms of the countries that are part of the top companies – no.) Has not changed. We have: Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania continues to act below potential We discuss this every year Basically, we see that Romania, although it has the third largest GDP in the region, even soon the second largest GDP in the region as an absolute value, should surpass the Czech Republic. However, we are in 4th place as companies that reach the top and we will see without any company in the top 20. Last year, we had a company in the top 20, in the top we have no company, not even in the top 20, although as a the fourth country, both in size and population, should have been represented in the top 10 “, said Eugen Anicescu, at the Coface press conference regarding the launch of the Top 500 study of the most powerful companies in Central and Eastern Europe.

According to him, Romania ranks fourth in the top, with 56 companies, two less than the previous top. In his opinion, Romania should be on the 2nd place and towards this objective it should aim at medium and long term.

Eugen Anicescu stated that Romania has more companies that increase their turnover than companies that decrease their turnover, because there are companies from sectors that have benefited from this period.

The average rating of Romanian companies that are in the top is 7, the second highest in all countries. The representative of Coface Romania specified that this is due to the fact that Romania has extremely solid companies in the top 500. It is also another proof of the polarization in the Romanian economy.

From a sectoral perspective, the top 3 sectors are composed of the non-specialized trade, the oil sector and the automotive sector.

The best positioned Romanian company in the top in the country is on the 22nd place in the one on the region. In the new chapter entered in the top are two state companies: Nuclearelectrica and Transelectrica, informs Agerpres.

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