5 years ago I published a article about the Pitesti – Sibiu highway in which I said that we will not have it in the next 10 years. Half the time has passed and it seems that, unfortunately, we are right. We won’t have it in the next 5 years either. But today we can “boast” that starting with December 1, 2021 we will have another piece of road in highway in Romania.

Sebes – Turda highway

Seven years! It took them 7 years to build 70 km of highway between Sibiu and Cluj. No, it is not about the total distance between Sibiu and Cluj but about the distance between Sebes and Turda. Which practically interrupted what was being built. And no. It is not completely ready, but every time it forces the opening to have the opportunity to cut a ribbon. In the seven years it took to build, the A10 stumbled almost every kilometer and all the governments that passed through Parliament. Any problem they could imagine arose. Landslides (which have not been resolved) those passage tunnels for animals, archeological sites and many other problems that have been “put in the way of the builders”.

All these problems have led to an exact cost per kilometer in 2016 that will cost one kilometer for the Pitesti-Sibiu highway. 10 million euros / km !!

No, it does not cross the Alps, nor does it pass under the English Channel. It simply cost so much and what is worse is that even at this price the tail is not finished but it has portions that have speed limits, there are no service spaces, gas stations and it took 7 years to build it! 10 km per year! It is the same as the Passage from Domnesti. Slowly, very slowly and not at all!

Between Sibiu and Cuj there are about 175-180 km that you do in about 4 hours today. It will be an hour on the highway. One hour and 15 minutes. It is a step forward that the western part of Romania is slowly becoming a region with highways. Pitesti – Craiova entered the water and became from the highway, express road, Moldova has 5 km so far and the crossing over the Carpathians is as far as before.

We have no reason to marvel at the incompetence, stench, and bad interests of those who lead us. They are all exactly the same. From small to large. Unfortunately we live in the same country with them and we have to adapt. So in a little while, you will see on TV some costumes full of figures cutting a ribbon on a field and boasting that it is their achievement. Not! They are just small, boastful, incompetent people, begging for attention.

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