The National Meteorological Administration (ANM) issued the weather forecast for Monday, November 22, 2021.

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Weather forecast November 22, 2021. Warm and beautiful weather, maximum temperatures of 15 ° Celsius


On Sunday night to Monday in the northwest and center of the country the low level fog will persist, in some places there will be fog, and completely isolated there will be drizzle conditions. In the rest of the country, the sky will be more clear, but in the low relief areas, especially in the morning, fog will form locally. The wind will be light and moderate, with some intensifications in the mountains, especially in the Eastern Carpathians. The minimum temperatures will be between -5 and 5 degrees, slightly higher on the coast and in the Western Hills up to 7 … 8 degrees.

The weather on Monday, October 21, 2021

In most parts of the country, but especially in the south and southeast, the weather will be warm for the last decade of November. During the day the sky will be variable in the southeast of the territory and in the mountainous and submontane areas, and in the rest, especially in the first part of the day, locally there will be fog or low level clouds. At night, gradually, the cloudiness will expand and it will temporarily rain generally lightly, in the south-western, central and north-eastern regions and on smaller areas in the rest. In the Eastern Carpathians and on the ridges of the Southern Carpathians, but possibly also in the hilly area of ​​northern Moldova and eastern Transylvania, mixed precipitation will be reported. The wind will be light and moderate, with some intensifications towards the end of the range in the east of the country and in the western extremity. The maximum temperatures will generally be between 6 and 15 degrees, and the minimum between -1 and 7 degrees.

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Weather forecast Bucharest

The weather will remain warm for this date. During the day the sky will be variable, but at night it will gradually become cloudy and it will rain lightly. The wind will blow weak to moderate. The maximum temperature will be 13 … 14 degrees, and the minimum 4 … 6 degrees. In the morning it will be foggy or low level fog.

Mountain weather

The thermal values ​​will remain higher than normal for this period. The sky will be variable, but at night it will be cloudy and locally there will be light, mixed precipitation, especially in the Eastern Carpathians and on the ridges of the Southern Carpathians. Weak and moderate wind will blow.

What will the weather be like in Europe

In the regions of about the southern half of the continent, from the Iberian countries and the Bay of Biscay to northern Italy and western Greece, the dark and rainy weather will prevail, with rainfall over large areas in the Iberian and Italian peninsulas and the Adriatic. The latter area – as well as the northern part of Italy and the western part of Albania and Greece – will be exposed to heavy rains, adverse hydrological events and storms in general, including lightning. Also, the cloud cover will remain pronounced in the regions near the Alps and in the central-eastern countries, but the precipitation from all this will be mainly in the form of light rain and on relatively small areas.

The weather in the rest of the continent will be rather changeable, under variable skies – and even clear near the English Channel and probably much of Finland; and the rainfall regime – represented by sleet and snow (and occasionally rain) weak and more frequent or frequent on the North Sea, in Norway, Sweden, the Baltic countries and northwestern Russia. Intense wind will be observed on the ocean west of Portugal and Norway and southeast of Iceland, the North Sea and the Bay of Biscay; at least moderate for a long time will be the wind in European Russia and the Black Sea, and especially weak – in the Balkan-Carpathian area, in Finland and in northern Sweden. It will be slightly colder than the day before, this process initiated in the northwest of the continent will be felt remarkably even in northern Spain and Romania.

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