The coordinator of the national anti-COVID vaccination campaign, doctor Valeriu Gheorghiţă, states that Europe is the “epicenter of the pandemic” of COVID-19 at the moment.

Valeriu Gheorghiță pointed out that the estimates made by the World Health Organization show that, at European level, hundreds of thousands of people will die in the coming months due to SARS-CoV-2 infection. He is of the opinion that compulsory vaccination is not required.

“At the moment there have been no discussions in this regard. I believe that we now have other measures we can take to limit the spread of the infection and reduce the number of serious cases. What are these measures? There are at least two important measures: vaccination that is as extensive as possible and especially that it includes vulnerable categories, as well as the implementation of the digital green certificate at national level “, said Valeriu Gheorghiţă on Sunday evening, at Digi 24.

He is of the opinion that compulsory vaccination is not required.

“We have to understand that if we impose a series of measures that we do not respect, we will end up in a situation where we believe that these measures are not effective. (…) I really believe that we can control the pandemic through the other measures we have at our disposal. (…) I think that there must be discussions in a balanced environment in which we listen to opinions and pros and cons and understand what are the advantages and disadvantages “, adds the doctor.
According to him, just over 47% of adults in Romania are vaccinated with at least one dose, which makes “a significant mass” of the population vulnerable to the disease.
“If we look at the fact that at present, at the level of the European region, most cases are diagnosed, we are practically the epicenter of the pandemic at European level and it is estimated by the WHO that by the end of February in the current situation, in the current evolution we we could have another 500,000 deaths, so practically an extremely pessimistic forecast for the European region of the World Health Organization, I think all this should give us food for thought, because we are talking about human lives “, the doctor also stated.

He noted that the green certificate should not be seen as a restrictive measure, pointing out that, compared to other measures, it has a motivating effect on vaccination.

“Certainly this decision is only of a political nature. (…) I would like there to be serious debates from this point of view and to finally reach a consensus so that it can be implemented as soon as possible “, says Gheorghiţă about the situation of the draft law on the green certificate at the place for work.

“We will have waves of disease as long as we have a susceptible population, a population that is at risk of becoming infected. (…) Going through the disease has a number of consequences. The consequences of the pandemic, which are uncontrolled, are disastrous globally, and that is why there are countries that find the imposition of compulsory vaccination as a variant “, says Valeriu Gheorghiţă.

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