Travel Brands SA, the company that owns Dertour Romania, is going to absorb it, according to the October 21 merger project, which was published in the Official Gazette.

  • The shareholders of Travel Brands SA are:
    DER Touristik Eastern Europe as – with 99% of the share capital.
    DER Touristik CZ as – with 1% of the share capital.

On October 21, the date of the merger project, the shareholding structure and the share capital of Travel Brands SA are those in the table below. These will be maintained following the merger, given that the company to be absorbed is wholly owned by Travel Brands (as a result of which the share capital of Travel Brands SA will not be increased as a result of the merger).

The date on which the merger will become effective from a legal point of view is December 31, 2021, according to the merger project consulted by

The merger is made with the full transfer, by universal transfer, of the patrimony of Dertour Romania to Travel Brands SA. Following the Merger, Dertour will cease to exist, will dissolve without liquidation, and will be deregistered from the Trade Register Office attached to the Bucharest Tribunal.

On December 31, 2021 (or at a later date, if the merger is approved by the competent court in 2022), Dertour employees will be transferred to Travel Brands, which will take over as employer. The merger does not have the effect of individual or collective dismissals and does not involve a substantial change in working conditions to the detriment of Dertour or Travel Brands employees, according to the merger project consulted by
The value of the reciprocal transactions (debts and receivables) between the merging companies will be canceled on December 31, 2021. The expenses for the implementation of the merger will be borne by Travel Brands SA, it also writes in the merger project.

Travel Brands, established in 2018, had net business of 78.93 million lei in 2020, six times higher than in 2019. The company ended 2020 with a net loss of 23.89 million lei. lei, more than four times higher than in 2019. Travel Brands worked with an average number of 277 employees in 2020, with 157 more people, on payroll, compared to the level of 2019.

Dertour Romania ended 2020 with net business of 1.67 million lei, three times lower than in 2019. The company had a net loss of 967,338 in 2020, after in 2019 it had a net profit of almost 900,000 lei. The company had an average of 14 employees in 2020, compared to 17 people in 2019.

November 2018: Dragoş Anastasiu officially launches the Travel Brands travel agency brand.

“The businessman Dragoş Anastasiu, former president of ANAT and owner of the Eurolines Group, is developing a new brand of travel agencies, TravelBrands, which he intends to bring in the next two years, with 40 offices, in the top five players in the field at national level “, according to a communiqué stating that the new agency addresses clients with below average incomes.

Travel Brands is a tourism hypermarket that brings together the offers of all brands of tour operators in Romania and Germany in a single agency.

June 2019: The Competition Council authorized the transaction through which Exim Holding AS takes over Travel Brands SRL.

Exim Holding AS is part of the REWE group. Exim Holding is present on the Romanian market through the travel agency Dertour Romania SRL and through Penny stores.

The analysis of the Competition Council led to the conclusion that the economic concentration operation does not raise significant obstacles to effective competition on the Romanian market or on a substantial part of it and there are no serious doubts about its compatibility with a normal competitive environment.

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