Negotiations between PNL, PSD and UDMR reached, on Saturday, almost the end, only the establishment of the prime minister who will enter the rotary system first will be established in the leading forums. Political sources specify that, if PNL will have the prime minister, being the most probable variant, then PSD will have 10 portfolios in the Executive, while PNL will have only 8 and UDMR, 3.

The Liberals eventually relinquished both the post of secretary general of the government and the portfolios of finance and transport. What may seem like a defeat at the moment, however, has an important stake, generated by the future rotation of prime ministers.

According to sources in the new coalition, the rotation of prime ministers, established by political agreement, will take place on July 1, 2023. In the first stage, for 18 months, PSD will have the Finance and General Secretariat of the Government, with the power of minister. It was established that in the rotation of prime ministers, in 2023, the ministries of Finance, Transport and SGG will go to the other party, ie they will return to the PNL. Therefore, the Liberals will have a strategic position in the pre-election year and in the election year.

The ministries that PNL will hold in the new Government with PNL prime minister are Justice, Energy, Foreign Affairs, Education, MIA, European Funds, Digitalization and SMEs and Tourism, a newly established ministry.

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