With over 500,000 followers on her Instagram page and over 700,000 on her Youtube page, Eva travels around the world, discovering the most interesting and beautiful cultural destinations. After 5 years working in the media in England, the young woman gave up her career, two years ago, to dedicate herself entirely to her passion for traveling, and the results were not long in coming because, as she herself says, through her eyes the world has the opportunity to see “places that will not be seen on television.”

Recently, the young vlogger arrived in Romania, and the first days took her to places of great historical significance, including Bran Castle, which she was deeply impressed. After a “time travel”, the star arrived at the epicenter of Romanian culture and traditions, Maramureş. The mountains, the view, the people, the tradition and the love for tradition conquered her, and in a post on Instagram that she called “The wisdom of a Romanian shepherd”, the young woman tells about an event that impressed her enormously. She lived for 3 days with a family of shepherds, during which time she could observe the hard work every day but also the beauty of the people.

It would not change its life with one based on comfort

“I spent the last three days living with a family at their sheepfold, on the hills of Maramureş. Ana and Ion, and their sons Ionuţ and Mihai, live right here with their flock of 400 sheep. It may sound romantic, but it’s a hard life. I saw the family work from sunrise to sunset every day, milking sheep, making cheese, going out to pasture and doing household chores. But when I asked Ion if he would change the life he leads for a life based on comfort in the city, he shook his head decisively and said with absolute certainty: “No, I couldn’t do it. do”. He said: “I love the hills, the mountains, the forest. The water that comes fresh from the spring. To listen to the birds singing every day. Blooming flowers. This is therapy “, it is shown in the post of the young woman who received over 22,000 appreciations and over 200 comments.

In the following days, the young woman will publish on her youtube channel a video about the days spent in the traditional Maramureş based on the daily life of the simple people she met on her trip.

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