Victoria Hospital. Photo: Biz Brașov

The City Hospital in Victoria, Brașov County, reopens on Thursday, 10 years after the Government Decision of Prime Minister Emil Boc, through which it was closed, along with 60 other hospitals in the country.

The mayor of Victoria, Camelia Bertea, managed to collect 90,000 euros from donations, and on Thursday she reopens the City Hospital, after 10 years from the Government Decision by which it was closed.

The reopening of the hospital is possible due to the money coming from donations made by locals and Romanians in the diaspora.

Mayor Bertea, elected by USR, also mobilized the local community in various volunteer projects.

The hospital will operate under the Local Council. The City Hall and the Local Council allocate 152,000 euros for investments and operation.

The local administration requested, through DSP Brașov, 50 beds for continuous hospitalization and 27 beds for day hospitalization. The specialties of the hospital are: surgery, internal diseases, physiokinetotherapy, pediatrics, gynecology, cardiology, endocrinology

Victoria City Hospital was first opened in 1974, and in 1980 a new building was put into operation for the medical services enjoyed by the locals. Since 2006, medical care has focused more on treating chronic cases, so the name has been changed to “Victoria Chronic Hospital”.

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