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Brașov Raluca Olteanu Vi, 15 Oct 2021, 09:40

I'm working...

I'm working...

This morning, a press conference on the Regional Hospital takes place at Brașov City Hall. The representatives of the consortium of companies selected by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) for the elaboration of the SF for the Regional Hospital will present, during the press conference, the results of this study.

The conference can be watched HERE.

The investment, which is based on a public-private partnership, is calculated at a cost of 440 million euros. The medical equipment will cost about 50 million euros.

The actual construction works would start in 2025, and the Regional Hospital would open in 2028.

The municipality and the Ministry of Health will be the owners, but will purchase the services from the private partner. If something happens to the building, the owner will call the private partner to resolve the issue. It remains for the public partner to take care only of the medical services, and the private partner for the secondary services, which are related to repairs, maintenance, security, etc.

The Regional Hospital would have:

-31 sections, 77 specialties, 26 operating rooms, 972 beds
-capacity of 370,000 patients per year, both hospitalized and outpatient.

After the feasibility study will be evaluated by the Municipality and the Ministry of Health, the document will be discussed with public health specialists, so that, after the completion of these discussions, it will be submitted to the approval of the Local Council.
The consortium of companies that worked on the feasibility study consists of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), International Consulting Engineering SA (BTY), Clifford Chance LLP.

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