Seventh edition Itinerama Travel Film Festival, the only travel film festival in Southeast Europe, invites you to take part in new adventures, through films, online, between November 20-24, 2021 .

“We present online some of the Itinerama films that could no longer be shown in cinemas, as originally scheduled. We did not escape the pandemic and we had to adapt again to the current conditions. For the broadcast we will use the Eventive platform, and the access of the digital spectators will be allowed for 4 days for each of the titles we will have in the online edition of Itinerama Travel Film Festival 2021. ”, he says Cristian Curus, coordinator of Itinerama Travel Film Festival 2021.

The films will be available on the platform starting November 20, at 18:00. From the moment a moviegoer starts watching a movie, he has 24 hours to watch the movie. Thus, we do not condition the viewer on a certain time interval in which he can watch a certain movie.

“The viewing can be done using a variety of devices – laptop, or in the Eventive application available for mobile phones, tablets or smart TVs,” he explained. Cristian Curus.

Below are the titles that will be available for online viewing:

In the movie Last Words three great actors – Nick Nolte, Charlotte Rampling and Stellan Skarsgård – take you to a slightly more distant world … in 2085, in a dystopian future. In a post-apocalyptic Paris, the beaten road signs indicate the way to Italy and along the way there are posters that say: CARARANTINA – VIRAL EPIDEMIC. A young man, one of the few survivors of an apocalyptic event, embarks on a long journey in search of other people who have managed to survive. The film is nominated for the Grand Prize of the Deauville Film Festival (2020) and the Best Feature Film category at the Hainan International Film Festival (2020).

Luxor. When she returns to the ancient city of Luxor, the humanitarian volunteer Hana meets her ex-boyfriend, the Sultan. As she wanders around the city, haunted by the familiarity of the place, she struggles to reconcile past elections with the uncertainty of the present.

Kiss Me Before It Blows Up. A film that shows us that love can cross any border. Even when an Israeli woman falls in love with a German woman and another with a Palestinian. Two romantic adventures between two clashing cultures and two conflicting families, between lovers who should not be together, but fit together.

Window to the Sea/Window to the sea it takes us to Nisyros, a charming Greek island, where the sun shines over a majestic volcano. An impressive and optimistic story about love, giving up and the courageous confrontation of life, relying only on the support of someone else. Faced with news that could change your life, despite the advice of his son and doctors, Maria (Emma Suárez), a 55-year-old Spaniard from Bilbao, decides to go to Greece with her best friends. Here he rediscovers the courage to live the moment as he wants and maybe even love.

Human Factors, tells the story of a family who escapes on an idyllic seaside vacation. But a less common event brings them to the point where trust between family members is put to the test. Nominated for the “Teddy” Award at the Berlin International Film Festival (2021) and for the Grand Prix, the Drama category at the Sundance Film Festival (2021).

Robust, a bittersweet film nominated for the “Caméra d’Or” at the Cannes Film Festival (2021), screened for the first time in Romania. This is also a tribute to Gérard Depardieu through a story about an aging star, loneliness and the need to hear a few loving words.

Terrible Jungle, a film in which Jonathan Cohen and Catherine Deneuve create an irresistible duo. The two actors bring burlesque madness – reminiscent of the humor of Louis de Funes movies – in this first feature film whose action will take viewers into the Amazon jungle.

Itinerama Travel Film Festival 2021 is an event organized by the Maia Association.

The project is co-financed by AFCN. The project does not necessarily represent the position of the National Cultural Fund Administration. AFCN is not responsible for the content of the program or how the results of the program can be used. These are entirely the responsibility of the beneficiary of the funding.

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