Pupils and students are “the guarantee of a better future” and have proven that “they know how to fight for their rights and freedoms”, but at the same time they understand their responsibilities, says President Klaus Iohannis.

“You, the pupils and students so dedicated to solving the problems you face in the education system, have all our appreciation and appreciation. You are the guarantee of a better future, in which the civic responsibility and the assumption of the involvement in the society are constants of the active citizenship ”, said Iohannis in a message of the International Day of the Student.

„I also congratulate the National Alliance of Student Organizations in Romania and the National Council of Students for the elaboration of the two reports regarding the school and university year 2020-2021, the one regarding the observance of the provisions of the Student Rights and Obligations Code and the Report on the implementation of the Student Statute. national. These documents represent the mirror of your perception, of those directly targeted, on the degree of implementation of the two normative acts that include the rights and obligations of students and pupils “, it is shown in the message presented by the presidential adviser Ligia Deca, in the opening event organized by the Alliance National Association of Student Organizations in Romania and by the National Council of Students.

“Your involvement is essential, not only from the perspective of responsibility for one’s own training, but also from the perspective of the decision-making process. Over the years, you have shown that you know how to fight for your rights and freedoms, that you understand your responsibilities, that you are brave, informed, ambitious, civic and strong. I encourage you to continue on this path “, says the president.

“I was also impressed by the way you managed to adapt to the challenges of this difficult period, which involved many hours of online teaching and reduced direct interactions. For young people, socialization plays a very important role.

I know it has not been easy for you, but it is admirable that you have understood to put the safety of those around you first and that you have learned that things can change when people are united. Your example is a real lesson in altruism and generosity, which shows that the younger generations can be responsible for terrible challenges “, it is also shown in Iohannis’ message.

The president has again called for vaccination, which he says is “a great tool, able to end the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“Romania, together with its European partners, has undertaken to stimulate the dimension of excellence in education, research and innovation, while promoting gender equality, inclusion and equity. The affiliation of your organizations to European representative bodies for pupils and students is the guarantee of involvement in the process of developing European policies in the field of education, research and youth.

It is essential that together we promote quality education for all pupils and students, excellence in research and other values ​​that truly contribute to the improvement of the Romanian education system. Always be aware of the power you have and of the fact that society puts its hopes in you “, the president transmitted.

“I am glad to have you partners in building Educated Romania, a country connected to European values, open to innovation and which protects and supports its young people. Romania must offer you the opportunities you need to reach your ideals and build remarkable careers here, at home. I wish you much success in all projects and to have the strength to fulfill all your dreams “, he added.

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