A Romanian defeated the pandemic in Australia. Tudor Codreanu is an expert in disaster medicine

An expert in disaster medicine, Tudor Codreanu coordinates the response to the COVID-19 crisis throughout Western Australia, with excellent results: only 1,000 cases and 9 deaths. He repatriated Australian sailors and successfully used, for the first time as a quarantine center, a cruise ship with over 1,800 passengers and crew on board.

Originally from Cluj, Tudor Codreanu moved to Australia in 2009 and managed to build an impressive career. He is the commander of the Incident Coordination Center in Western Australia and is at the forefront of the fight, be it biological agents, cyclones or fires, the most common in a country like Australia.

“The center has two major responsibilities. The first is the strategic management of all incidents or disasters affecting the state, and the second, to facilitate the management of local or regional incidents, if the local response capacity is exceeded. Of course, incidents can occur at the same time. For example, for a while we had several ships where there was an outbreak of COVID-19 on board at the same time as Cyclone Seroja. I also have the responsibility to coordinate the anti-COVID vaccination in Western Australia “, explains Tudor Codreanu, according to Adevărul.

He also holds the position of Commander of Western Australia’s Emergency Medical Care Division in the South East Pacific region for complex missions.

Part of Australia, Western Australia has a population of 2.7 million, but an area of ​​2.5 million km2, the equivalent of 10.5 times the area of ​​the whole of Great Britain.

Last but not least, he teaches at important universities.

“I teach disaster medicine at two universities in Europe – one in Brussels, one in Novara, north of Milan, as part of the European Master’s in Disaster Medicine. For several years I also taught in Cluj, at my dear university, in the Infectious Diseases department “, says the expert.

Codreanu’s missions

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 crisis, the man from Cluj has distinguished himself by extremely difficult missions, including bringing back to the country and quarantining some passenger ships or cargo.

“The first major outbreak of COVID-19 on a cruise ship was on the Diamond Princess in February 2020. The ship was at the dock in Yokohama.

The Federal Government of Australia has given me the task of repatriating 200 or so Australians on board. Upon landing in Darwin in the Northern Territory – another Australian state – the mission was changed and I had to organize and lead their two-week quarantine period there before I could return home, two days before my daughter’s wedding. my big one “, said the man from Cluj.

Following the success of the mission in Japan and Darwin, he led the evacuation of 1,600 passengers from the cruise ship Vasco da Gama and implemented the quarantine process on the island of Rottnest.

A world premiere is also linked to his name. March 2020 was the first time that a cruise ship, the Artania, with over 1,800 passengers and crew on board, was also successfully used as a COVID-19 quarantine center.

“Cruise ships have been stopped from entering Australian territorial waters since March 20, 2020, but the transit of cargo ships has had to continue. There were problems with other vessels, Al Kuwait, Al Messilah, Key Integrity and Patricia Oldendorff, to name a few. Each of the 5 cargo ships mentioned brought special problems.

For example, MV Patricia Oldendorff could not be brought to the dock due to the size of the vessel, and all the mission and quarantine of the crew, including the daily provision of food and medical assistance, I did with the vessel at anchor 15 miles from shore, using the helicopter. The way I responded to the epidemics on the ships was the subject of several articles published in prestigious medical journals “, says Codreanu.

Tudor and his team handled the problems and used the Artania quarantine vessel COVID-19.

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